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Ohio, “The Heart of it All”

Ohio Barn
Posted by on September 23, 2012
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The headline slogan, “Ohio, the Heart of it all” was once a prominent feature on license plates and a successful promotion of a prosperous state with a great economic base.  Those days seem like ancient history, as government regulation and taxation discouraged investment and taxes motivated our successful seniors to consider Florida or other low tax havens while businesses were spurred to move on to friendlier environs.  Nonetheless, Ohio remains the heart of American politics and the epicenter of Presidential campaign pandering.  Ohio, in only the last 30 days, has seen several visits by both the President and Gov. Romney, their wives, as well as both Vice Presidential candidates. The U.S. Senate race is no less contentious, as Josh Mandel and Sherrod Brown square off in a battle that very well may decide majority control.  The stark differences in ideology make this a decisive moment in Ohio and by extension, the nation.  Brown and Mandel are polar opposites on decisions involving the scope of our federal government’s role in American life.  Brown has been in D.C. for over 30 years, pulling the wagon hard to the left, while Mandel hopes to join the Constitutional conservative chorus, anchored by Senators like Mike Lee, Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio. To be frank, only a national effort with grassroots activists contacting Ohio swing voters can bring home the contested Senate seat and oust incumbent Sherrod Brown.  All races are national and like it or not, this is the future of American Politics.  Every citizen is affected by the leadership of progressive believers like Harry Reid, so Ohio’s race, and all swing state races, should be a concern for every taxpayer.   Those taxpayers, numbering only 53% of us, need to get involved in taking back the Senate and growing the number of solid fiscal conservatives who will constitute the “Freedom Caucus.” May I suggest that everyone treat this campaign season like your children’s future depends upon your personal effort and engagement.  Make calls into critical swing states like Ohio and Florida.  Help flip the U.S. Senate to GOP control by helping Senate candidates like Josh Mandel and Connie Mack win their difficult races.  FreedomWorks for America has a phone banking system that allows people to call into these states at their convenience from the comfort of home. So much is at stake and countless millions will be spent in Ohio and Florida to sway voters.  Grassroots voices across America have a right to be part of the conversation. On October 2nd early voting begins in Ohio.  There is no time like the present to connect with your fellow citizens.
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