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New Underground Railroad

Posted by on October 1, 2012
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Sunday, we saw “Runaway Slave”.  It’s sad how far we’ve come as a nation, yet how so many people are being deceived to believe we are still a country where color alone will hold someone back. Our new slavery knows no color – only the trickery of government dependence.  Too many Americans are living on the “Government Plantation”.  What we need is a new breed of Harriet Tubmans – conductors, if you will, of a new underground railroad. There is hope that one day soon the message of people like K. Carl Smith and other Conservatives, like those in the Frederick Douglass Society will pierce the veil of rhetoric dispensed by the middlemen power brokers.  Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Janet Murguía,  and hundreds of self-appointed leaders spread a message of disenfranchisement and foster envy against successful Americans.  It remains to be seen whether a new generation will learn the truth about, not only the true history of the previous century, but also the vast opportunities available to every American, once they escape the dependency pushers and leave the growing poverty plantation. Only the new conductors can open eyes to the millions of lives destroyed not only in the womb, but also the countless families shackled by government programs. Runaway Slave exposes the deception of the government safety net and the tragic elimination of the black family in only two generations.  The movie presents a powerful message that there is not now, nor has there ever been any compassion in the web of federal dependency programs. Whereas conservatives have worked hard to eliminate labels and promote true expression of our diversity – accept everyone on their merit.  I encourage you to see Runaway Slave yourself, share it with others, demand it in local theaters and apply it as we are all affected by the controls of the government plantation.  
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