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Analysis of Round One

Posted by on October 4, 2012
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How do you describe just how devastating a tornado can be to someone who lacks a point of reference to anything like it?  How do you describe how bad a debate was if you’ve never seen anything like it before either?  When one contestant literally begs the moderate to change subjects it speaks volumes about their performance.  Overall, if you watched the first debate for yourself no descriptive words are necessary.  If you missed it, no descriptions could possibly do it justice.  It’s a good thing Obama’s campaign minions don’t really believe in the 2nd Amendment, otherwise they might be tempted to mimic the ending to Kathy Bates’ character from the movie Primary Colors.  The main stream media now knows how the Israelites must have felt when Moses came down off the mountain and completely destroyed the golden idol they had created. Even the Left leaning pundits all agree that round one clearly went to Romney in much the same way that a boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Pee Wee Herman would end.  Yes, it was actually that bad.  Obama’s minions are out attempting to spin something positive out of this train wreck so much so that they are running the risk of screwing themselves straight into the ground spinning.  They’d have a better chance of making Freddy Kruger look like a boy scout than making Obama’s performance last night look anything other than pathetic.  I would imagine that Cornwallis probably had better body language surrendering to Washington than what Obama had on display in Denver. Obama clearly lost all his points on the economy as predicted.  There are two more topics yet to be addressed for the final two debates.  The first topic is foreign policy.  At this point I would almost look for Obama to feign a heart attack to avoid answering any questions on that particular topic.  Obama’s Bin Laden victory is going to look so minimal compared to all the other problems he’s created that he probably could have personally taken out Satan himself and this topic would still come across as a loser for him.  This was originally supposed to be the Gaffer’s specialty, but don’t look for him to fare any better than what Obama did as he steps into the squared circle to grapple with Ryan. The best and only hope that Obama has for the two remaining debates is social issues.  The problem of course is that social issues are typically never a winner for either side because if you take either side on a give subject you automatically alienate the other side. The smart play on social issues is to make safe statements so as not to incite either side.  Therefore, the best anyone can ever hope to do in a debate on social issues is break even.  The worst mistake that can be made is to say something so over the top in a desperate attempt to forge a victory that it looks ridiculous to both sides (i.e. declaring that the Catholic Church not providing free birth control constitutes a war on women). Romney was able to accomplish exactly what he set out to do in round one.  He was the only one that came across as even remotely being presidential.  This is now his race as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid from here on out.  Some pundits are fretting about October surprises, but generally those tend to lack enough time or credibility to take hold in a meaningful way.  The undecided already knew why they didn’t want to vote for Obama.  Romney has now given them a legitimate reason to trust him as the better candidate moving forward.
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