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The Plumbing Theory

Posted by on October 9, 2012
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There is a rule of logic known as the Plumbing Theory.  This theory states that if you have no plumbing, you have no possibility of plumbing leaks.  Unfortunately, what you also don’t have are those things for which plumbing is intended (i.e. running water, sanitation, etc).  Conversely, the more pipes you add to the plumbing, the more opportunity there is for leaks to occur.  Therefore, the best plumbing is that which is kept as simple as possible.  It’s really not rocket science. If you take that same principle and apply it to things like laws, regulations, and taxes it’s easy to see that you get the same results.  If you have no laws, you have no law breakers.  Unfortunately, what you do have is total anarchy.  Conversely, the more laws, regulations, and taxes you have, the more apt you are to create an environment that is so repressive that society can’t function.  What you do create are unintentional law breakers as well as those who seek to circumvent the rules of society altogether.  Once again, it’s really not rocket science. The Tea Party is constantly being painted by the left wing media as holding a hatred of anything related to government or taxes in any type or form.  The truth is that the Tea Party and Conservatives fully understand that society must have rules to abide by as well as taxes to maintain the necessary functions of government.  However, we are also smart enough to understand the logic behind the Plumbing Theory.  Basically, we understand that what is important is to keep our government as simple as possible so that we have neither anarchy nor a repressive society. Even though our Forefathers lacked modern plumbing, they fully understood the concepts behind the Plumbing Theory well enough to design our nation in such a way that it utilized those principle in the original design of our government.  They purposefully kept our original government as simple as possible.  The reason our modern government is failing is because we’ve simply added too much to it.  The Left thinks that they way to fix all of our new “leaks” is to continually add more and more into an already overcomplicated mix.  It’s time to get logical and fix our issues the same way you would fix an overbearing plumbing issue.  It’s time we take out all the excessive rules, regulations, and taxes and get back to the basics.  It’s time to keep our government, but make it as simple as possible.  You see, fixing all our governmental ills really isn’t rocket science.  It’s a just a plumbing issue.
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