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Will the Real Liar Please Stand Up

Posted by on October 11, 2012
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An old trick among criminals is that if you fear you are about to get caught guilty of a crime you instead accuse someone else of being guilty of it first as a distraction.  It’s where the famous Shakespeare line in Hamlet comes from, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.   It’s also a specialty of this administration. Ever since Obama got creamed in the first debate the left leaning media has been running around declaring that the only way Romney was able to beat Obama was that he simply lied about everything.  So who’s really been doing all the lying lately?  Obama is still running ads claiming that Romney has been lying about his tax strategy not causing a $5 Trillion burden to the middle class.  However, DNC mouth piece Stephanie Cutter was forced to finally admit that they’ve known all along that their own numbers were WAY off.  Yet they ran the ads anyway.  In fact, the Princeton professor that was the original author of the report that they keep citing has come out himself and stated for the record that it is Obama who is misrepresenting his work, not Romney lying. The second big lie that Obama can no longer ignore has to do with the handling of the embassy disasters.  Basically everything that has come out of this administration since that tragedy occurred has been nothing more than a continual lie.  The problem is that so many lies have been told and uncovered that there simply isn’t enough cover for all the asses that are now hanging in the wind.  When that happens everything trickles upward, not downward.  This is where Truman’s famous words “The Buck Stops Here” now become a nemesis for the anointed one. The third big lie that is being perpetrated has to do with the bogus jobs numbers.  We now know that not only did they cook the books just like we said they were going to do, but now we know how they did it.  Almost every week since Obama took office they have purposefully understated the actual number of filings.  They then made “adjustments” upward the next week which were never covered as news.  This time around they not only completely altered their sampling methodology to get the number under 8% before the election, but now they’ve even been dropping states off the listing altogether to make the jobless claim numbers appear artificially low.  No matter how much number fudging he does, the reality is that the economy still sucks. The media has done everything possible to keep the realities of Obama hidden ever since he first reached the national stage.  The reason he did so poorly in the first debate is that he was in fact distracted.  However, what he was distracted by was the simple reality that on a national forum he no longer has the media running interference for him.  The real Obama has to take the stage and now the people get to see him as the genuine fake that he really is.  Obama didn’t just get beaten by Romney in the first debate.  He got beaten by reality.  So the next time you see an ad from Obama claiming Romney to be a liar, just remember Shakespeare’s warning.  Methinks the President doth protest too much!
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