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The Final Plan Versus the Final Verdict

Posted by on October 23, 2012
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Obama has finally produced a 20 page booklet outlining his economic plan for the next 4 years.  Personally, I find it humorous that he just now came up with something that he’s been chiding Romney for months about not having.  I haven’t seen the booklet yet, but I don’t think I need to simply because it doesn’t look like a second term is in the cards for the Bamster.  According to the polls his rumored $40 Million investment for a home in Hawaii is going to be paying off early.  Besides, going off his campaign talking points should suffice to provide me with an idea of what his plans would have been anyway.  Based on the things he’s said so far I just wanted to comment on a few of the ideas that I’m sure he planned to focus on if he had won a second term. Education – Obama planned on putting education at the forefront of a second term.  His idea was to “invest in teachers”.  The better translation would be to spend more money on teachers unions.  If he were serious about education he would have focused more on using already existing funding to create a better learning environment instead.  The primary thing that’s lacking in the modern school system isn’t money or teachers.  It’s parental involvement, and you can’t buy that.  Regardless, here’s my initial question concerning making education the centerpiece of a second term.  If 50% of the current college graduates can’t even find a job in the existing marketplace, what good is an education if there aren’t any jobs to migrate to upon graduation?  Without first focusing on the overall economy all we would end up with are the best educated unemployed people in human history. Taxing the wealthy more – Even Obama has admitted that the amount of money such an absurd idea would actually generate is somewhat miniscule compared to the overall budgetary issues we have.  What this idea is in reality is nothing more than a simple distraction technique designed to create a demon to blame for all of our economic ills so that he can deflect the blame away from his failed policies.  It’s like Castro blaming the U.S. for Cuba’s failed economy when all we really ever do to Cuba is ignore them.  This is nothing more than a penalty against success that plays off people’s envy of those who have become successful.  What he really should be doing instead is encouraging people to go out and create their own success stories. Energy – To be honest I’m not quite sure how Obama can even talk about energy policies with a straight face.  In his own words he stated that he wanted to bankrupt the coal industry.  He killed the pipeline to Canada.  Fact checkers have proven that Romney was correct about Obama’s record on oil and gas permits, and he did all of this while loaning $ Billions of U.S. tax dollars to Brazil’s Petrobas Corp (at the time co-owned by major Obama contributor George Soros) to commence the very deep sea oil drilling that he was preventing U.S. companies from doing here.  In the mean time he’s been wagering tax payer $ funding failed green energy projects run by his other major campaign donors.  Even if he wasn’t constantly picking the losers he should still be smart enough to comprehend the concept that we shouldn’t be seeking to destroy existing energy technologies until we have the renewable technologies up and running in a practical sustainable manner. Debt – Obama keeps telling us that Romney’s math doesn’t work when it comes to tackling the debt.  However, Obama himself has had $ Trillion deficits every single year of his first term (over $5 Trillion in total).  Obama claims that he has a plan to cut the deficit in half, but all you have to do is listen to the rest of his plan to see it isn’t real.  We already know that taxing the rich won’t do it.  The problem is that Obama doesn’t really cut anything, but what you do hear a lot from him is the word “invest”.  That word simply translates in more spending which is what he’s already been doing and has generated plenty of debt to prove it. Obama was desperate in the final debate.  He knew he didn’t have anything real to offer so his only last gasp hope to pull off a second term was an attempt to break Romney down by goading him into a verbal brawl.  It didn’t work simply because Romney was smart enough to not take the obvious bait.  Every single post debate focus group (including those run by Left leaning pollsters) definitively proved that people have lost hope in Obama when it comes to the single largest issue of this race, the economy.  To put it bluntly everyone realizes that any future plans won’t work simply because his past plans have never worked before.  The final debate was also the final nail in Obama’s political career.  Upon being forced to accept this new reality on November 6th it will no longer be a #1 tinkling down Chris Matthew’s leg.  It will be a #2.
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