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Explain it to me

Posted by on November 13, 2012
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It’s hard not to get amused by the things I’ve heard and read since the election that has been coming from all those who have become instant new political pundits.  Suddenly everyone on the Left is beckoning for those of us on the Right to come and join them in some magical middle of the road ideological paradise.  If we were to simply lay down the burdens of conservatism everything would be forgiven and we could all sit around in a big circle holding hands and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.  Not Likely! Least I remind those on the Left that there is a profound difference between winning elections and actually governing.  Lest I also remind them that their economic track record over the last four years could at best be described as dismal.  However, I’m flexible if nothing else.  So, if anyone expects me to suddenly abandon all that I know about sound economic practices and join in on this supposed Shangri-La experience that’s all well and good, but first you have to explain it to me. Explain to me how stifling companies with excessive regulations (65 new ones per day on average) will actually create jobs.  Explain to me how creating additional burdens on companies through things like Obamacare and all the new environmental requirements are going to allow businesses to even remain competitive, let alone thrive.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if companies experience a 20% hike in employee related expenses just to meet new Obamacare mandates the net translation is also 20% fewer employees. Explain to me why all the additional governmental intrusions aren’t going to encourage businesses to escape by off-shoring operations.  Do you seriously believe that companies are going to just sit by and take such a bureaucratic beating and not retaliate by abandoning this country at an even faster rate in search of better environs?  I offer up the current situation in cities like union laden Detroit as perfect examples of the end results of such short-sightedness.  Do you seriously believe the wealthy plan to just hand over their rightful gains or will they bail out of the U.S. the same way the wealthy are now bailing out of overtaxed places like France while taking their wealth with them? Better yet, try convincing anyone but a fool that even if the government does somehow manage to by-pass the laws of economics and ends up generating more tax receipts off corporations and the wealthy that our leaders aren’t going to simply find yet additional ways to spend this new found money as well on even greater unsustainable promises.  Anyone with even a semblance of common sense understands that its spending that creates the problems, not taxes.  After all, there can never be enough taxes to fulfill all the benevolent expectations of any socialistic government. Explain to me how giving people honest choice is evil.  How is providing options instead of forcing people to accept a one-size-fits-all solution on things like Medicare and Education a bad thing, especially when one of those options is to maintain exactly what they already have if they so choose? Explain to me how not providing free birth control is a war on women, yet laboring our offspring with the burden of our debt isn’t a war against our children.  The Left likes to discuss the sin of greed.  It’s time we started talking about the sin of envy, the sin of false piety, or even the sin of theft.  Yes, it’s a false compassion when you steal from one person and take the credit for providing it to another. The Left foolishly think that because they won the battle they’ve also won the war. The Left hid for four years by blaming all their economic failures on Bush, but who will they blame for the next four years?  It was easy to redirect the conversation away from Obama’s failed Keynesian policies and onto Romney as being a wealthy liar, but Romney’s no long relevant so how do they plan on redirecting the conversation now?  The question is no longer about what any Republicans said or did in the past, but what Democrats are doing now.  These new pundits keep asking the question about where the Republican’s go from here after losing so badly.  The real question should be what are Democrats going to do now that they can no longer hide?  Their policies now lay exposed for the entire world to judge.  Therefore, they have no other choice but to start explaining their failures instead of redirecting the blame.  This economy is now completely theirs.  They won it so they now own it.  What both history and logic have already proven time and time again is that what they promise as a fantasy paradise is actually an economic graveyard.  What the Left thought was going to be their victory speech will instead prove to be their eulogy.  Let’s just pray that it proves to be the eulogy of an ideology before it becomes the eulogy of a nation.  Let’s start our real road to recovery by forcing the Left out of hiding and by making them explain it all!  
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