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The Book of US

Posted by on March 1, 2013
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America is like a book. Like other books it holds its least value whenever it is closed. Let’s face it. Books are useless whenever they are merely left upon shelves to collect dust. However, America was never meant to be like other books. It was meant to always be accessible so that it can be both constantly read for guidance through its rich history, as well as continuously written by future generations. In essence, America is meant to be a never ending story from a book that is always open. The turning of each page represents a different moment in time. Each new chapter that gets written represents yet another milestone in our journey. The office of the President is like a bookmark. The office holder merely marks a page in the book that transitions from past readings to future writings. As long as the book remains open the bookmark itself should hold little relevance. The only time a bookmark becomes prominent is when the book is closed. However, this prominence also comes at a time when the book holds its least value. After all, it’s not the bookmark that provides guidance to the reader and opportunity to the writer. It’s the book itself. As President, Obama is a bookmark that insists on prominence. You don’t have to take my word for it, just listen to his speeches. Everything is me, my, and I when taking credit and a continual attack against whoever “they” might conveniently be when laying blame. Meanwhile, every time we turn around he is either ruling by executive order or controlling through administrative fiat. As a bookmark he isn’t providing guidance to the reader, nor is he seeking guidance from the book itself. Instead, he is an egotist who insists that his position as a bookmark should be revered as the most important position of all. The only way this is possible is by the closing of the book. As a bookmark the Presidency is meant to be a tool for the reader, not the other way around. As Americans we are the readers and writers, as well as the main characters of this saga. It’s our story to be told and we are the story tellers, not the bookmark. It’s time we took back our rightful position of prominence. It’s time for the bookmark to return to its proper role as a tool for the reader instead of trying to become the main story. It’s time we put the bookmark in its proper place and reopen the book of US.
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