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Hitting Close to Home

Posted by on March 9, 2013
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cartoon neighborsThe time has come for a heart-to-heart with my friends and fellow grassroots activists. Almost four years ago, millions of average Joes from around the U.S. came together in an historic organic movement to protest the unchecked growth of government spending, regulation and added restrictions on freedom.  Our righteous indignation was the start of a renewed civic involvement in the affairs of government.  It was effective because people spoke truth to power and turned that power into boots on the ground. Although we have not won every battle, DC will never be the same. The old guard elites, both Dems and RINO’s (for those new to the game, that’s Republicans in Name Only), are slowly, oh so slowly, being swept from office, and a new breed of Constitution-loving patriots like Rand Paul and Mike Lee are making their voices heard in the halls of Congress.   No doubt, the spiraling debt will awaken millions more, if dependency doesn’t destroy the Republic first.

But this post is about our backyards and our neighbors.  Every power broker in DC started in a community like ours. They served as township trustees (John Boehner) or state level representatives, possibly on a city council or school board.  I know, sometimes they start as community organizers too.  The point is that all the ugly things we fight in DC are happening in your community and mine at this very moment. The dollar amounts are smaller, but the lack of accountability, transparency, fiscal responsibility and the elitism are readily apparent.

Frankly, this is where Americans must fight the battle.  The local level is where just one concerned citizen can make an impact.  One person, one voice can reveal bad ideas and bad character before they move on to the statehouse or DC.  One individual at a zoning and planning commission meeting can expose an expensive “sustainability” vision that will take away property rights and restrict individual freedom.  One person at a school board meeting can stop the latest progressive idea from being implemented in your school district.  Great news, right.  But this is where the backbone may turn to gelatin. Making local waves strikes mortal fear into many a red-blooded patriot.

We all know why loud voices go silent in our neighborhoods.  We have a personal connection to these people.  Someone we like, respect or fear may hold these elected/appointed positions.   It’s no longer the liberal Senator or Governor. Now, its your neighbor, maybe your son’s coach, the businessman who serves on the town council or the school board President who may retaliate against your daughter at the high school.   All the more reason for civic participation.  Sunlight is still the best disinfectant.  The kids need to see this life lesson or they may indeed feel powerless to enact change.  Confrontation must begin at our doorstep and it need not be angry.  As a happy warrior, attend meetings armed with the facts and a pleasant disposition – bring a friend for moral support and speak up on the issue that will directly affect your life.  Let the local and social media know what you’ve discovered. There are great organizations devoted to helping expose fraud, waste and abuse of office at the local or state level.  

Our live-and-let-live instincts as Conservative liberty-minded people are not shared by nearly enough of those who aspire to leadership. Restoring the country our founders conceived in liberty will not long endure without a renewed dedication from every citizen and the first battle is usually right outside our front door.

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