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The Lesson of Mea Culpa

Posted by on April 10, 2013
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If we truly want to protect our children while in school then we must first realize that the primary threat against them doesn’t come from guns. The true threat that exists at all levels of public education is the “mea culpa”. That’s because these words are no longer about expressing remorse for wrongful acts, but rather about accidently exposing the hidden agenda of liberal mind control over our children. It’s the transgression where the sin isn’t seen as the act itself, but rather the potential for exposing the agenda behind the act. The more we become exposed to all the apologies, the more we start to question the motives behind all the false laments.

We read on a daily basis where administrators are suspending grade school kids for such absurdities as biting Pop-tarts into the shape of a weapon, or for shaping their fingers into guns and yelling “Bang!” while playing cops and robbers at recess. No one with even the slightest semblance of a brain could ever confuse such acts as being some sort of terrorist threats. Yet schools have gone so far as to call on the police to diffuse such situations. Afterwards, the schools issue the obligatory mea culpa for overreaction while silently celebrating that their true agenda of successfully scaring kids into believing that guns are the ultimate root of all evil has been fulfilled. It’s the type of subtle mind control that liberalism relies on in our schools to brainwash fresh minds. It’s reminiscent of how they used Al Gore’s laughably inaccurate snooze fest “An Inconvenient Truth” to brainwash our kids into believing the bogus hype of global warming. Where better to start the control process than with our children? The Nazi youth programs had nothing on modern day liberals when it comes to controlling our offspring.

This same effort can even be seen at higher levels of learning. Take the recent situation at Florida Atlantic University as an example. One class in particular had a perverse assignment where the students were to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then stomp on it. When Christian student Ryan Rotela refused to participate he was first removed from the class and then later suspended from the school. It wasn’t until a public outcry forced the school to rescind his suspension that a latent mea culpa was issued. Their first instinct wasn’t to protect Rotela’s religious rights. It was to keep their agenda of transforming the mindset of students into one of pure secularism from being exposed. After all, socialism and secularism must ultimately go hand in hand since the divine goal of socialism is to get people to worship only at the feet of an all powerful government. Socialism ultimately views God as direct competition for the loyalty of the masses and must therefore be exorcised from any thought processes. The apology that was issued wasn’t related to the school having such an agenda. It was related to that agenda getting exposed.

The problem with such apologies is that they aren’t even real. Nor do they fix anything. Merely standing in front of a camera and saying “Oops, my bad!” doesn’t make up for all the potential damage that get’s inflicted by such agenda driven sins. After all, you can’t teach students much needed critical thinking skills and also practice controlling all their thoughts at the same time. You can’t hide behind zero tolerance policies when the true lack of tolerance is against common sense. The things we should be teaching in our schools shouldn’t have agendas at all. Science, math, language, art, etc. should all be exactly what they are regardless of anyone’s personal ideology. It’s time we turn the agenda of our schools back into education instead of indoctrination. That way we will no longer need to fear our children being mentally assaulted by crazed people wielding mea culpas.
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