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The Realities of Boston

Posted by on April 16, 2013
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By now we’ve all heard about the horrific tragedy in Boston.  3 people are dead and over 140 were injured when a nut job terrorist detonated two explosives at the marathon finish line.  What you probably aren’t aware of is the heroic event that occurred on Saturday in Hamilton, OH where 3 people’s lives were saved because someone fired a legally owned gun multiple times.  So what do these two events have in common?  The outcome of only one of these events would have been altered by gun control.  Guess which one. 

Two days before the Boston massacre occurred Smail Gueddari was in the back of his small Hamilton, OH clothing store putting his two year old son down for a nap when he heard a scream coming from the front of the store.  When he stepped out of the back room to see what the issue was he was confronted with a situation where in front of him stood a masked robber with a gun (most likely of the already illegal variety) pointed at his wife’s head.  Behind Smail in the back room was his sleeping two year old.  When Smail stepped out of the back room it startled the gunman who then turned toward him and immediately opened fire.  By carrying a gun of his own Smail was able to immediately return fire with multiple shots that struck and killed the assailant. 

The headlines will mercilessly carry the news of tragic events like Sandy Hook and Aurora, but barely a peep will ever be known about Hamilton.  We can readily look up all sorts of statistics about how many lives were taken at the hands of guns.  However, there are no statistics that show the number of lives, such as the Gueddari’s, that are saved by them.  Family members from Sandy Hook were trooped about on Air Force One to make a tearful plea in support of gun control.  I seriously doubt the Gueddari’s will ever see the inside of a presidential aircraft.

When we hear about such tragedies as Sandy Hook and Aurora we also hear about how guns were used to kill people by the psychotic people who had access to them.  What we don’t realize is that guns are actually a very inefficient method of creating mass destruction.  It only took Timothy McVeigh 3 seconds to kill 178 people using a simple mixture of kerosene and fertilizer.  3,000 people were killed on 9/11 using nothing more than box cutters.  Even Hitler opted for something other than firing squads as a method of genocide.  So the real question we should be asking ourselves is, “If psychos are hell bent on destruction, how many more innocent children would have been lost had Adam Lanza mimicked McVeigh instead?  How many more souls would have been taken if Jared Loughner had worn a suicide vest or used a pipe bomb at the Gabby Gifford rally?”

For some people events like Sandy Hook are a knee jerk emotional reaction.  For others they are a political opportunity.  After all, it was Obama’s own former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel that suggested that they should “never allow a good crisis to go to waste”.  Those who believe in gun control are going to read this and claim that this is nothing more than yet another exploitation of a tragic event.  However, I have a feeling that the Gueddari’s will see things differently.

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