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The Final Nail On Gun Control

Posted by on April 20, 2013
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This past week has been a historically bad one for Obama and the gun control crowd.  Things started off lousy enough when even the democratically controlled Senate failed to pass their utopian fantasy legislation.  I guess there are even some Democrats who are smart enough to realize that simply saying “please stop” isn’t a feasible means of self defense in the real world where bad guys actually do exist.  Things got even worse by having the Whiner-in-Chief throw a public temper tantrum once he realized he wasn’t going to get his way for a change.  

Their worst possible nightmare was realized with the events that unfolded with the Boston marathon bombing when two half witted terrorist put the final nail in the coffin of the entire gun control debate.  As it turns out the weapon of choice for creating mass destruction and chaos by these two morons wasn’t the much hyped and hated firearms after all.  It was simple pressure cookers.  Their weapon of choice can be found in almost every grandma’s kitchen in America.  Watch out Grandma!  They’ll be coming after your cutlery next.  Good luck carving this years Thanksgiving turkey with a spoon.

However, even bigger issues have come to light since Boston to “shoot down” the debate.  The first issue has to do with people not having weapons to protect themselves with in the first place.  Consider this.  How would you have felt as a Watertown resident who had been placed on lockdown and told that a crazed terrorist was on the loose in your neighborhood only to suddenly realize that you don’t even have a weapon of your own to defend your family with should you find him trying to break into your house?  That’s not exactly the time when you want to take a chance relying on a rape whistle or a butter knife.  The gun control nuts will counter by asking “do you really want to get into a shoot out with an armed terrorist?”  The answer is “No”.  But then again, if I had a choice, I’d rather have a shootout with him than have him holding the only real weapon around.  At least then my family would have a fighting chance.  Obama thinks that as victims the parents of Sandy Hook should have a louder voice on the gun issue than others.  However, I defy him to take a survey right now on the thoughts of Watertown residence who have also been victimized by violence recently. 

Idiotic legislatures in states like in New York have to feel really stupid right now.  These geniuses somehow came up with the brilliant idea that no one needs more than seven rounds to protect themselves.  Perhaps they should go back and review the videos from Watertown.  In one shootout highly trained police officers fired over 200 rounds and yet still failed to take down the two suspects.  Instead, one suspect accidently blew himself up and was then run over by his brother who managed to escape.  In a subsequent shootout later that evening over 30 rounds were fired and it still didn’t stop the bad driving brother.  He didn’t give up until it suddenly dawned on him that he didn’t know how to drive a boat either.

Gun control advocates have never had a valid argument.  Yes, they’ve paraded tear jerking stories around the media circuit in much the same manner that Liberals always do on other issues as well.  But to date, they’ve yet to produce a single legitimate logical argument for circumventing the 2nd Amendment.  We’ve been saying for years that gun control has never been about guns.  It’s always been about control.  When a gun control president can’t even act mature enough to control his own side of the argument, the last thing I want to do is let him have control over my guns. 

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