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The Truths of Abortion Exposed

Posted by on May 7, 2013
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The abortion debate has finally taken a decidedly hard turn towards the pro-life position after four recent events have exposed what those of us from the pro-life side have been saying all along.  The media did its best to ignore the first and most obvious event up until they had no other option but to start covering it.  Initially they tried to claim that the Gosnell trial simply wasn’t newsworthy.  However, Fox News, talk radio, and numerous blog sites proved them wrong.  Their next excuse was that it was too horrific of a story to post in the mainstream media.  Reality can be a tough thing for the media to deal with when it doesn’t fit their agenda. 

The only real difference between what this terrible monster was doing and what happens in normal every day abortions is that the true horrors of abortion were finally put on public display.  Yes, it was an awful scene, but that’s exactly what the brutal truth behind abortion actually looks like.  Groups like Planned Parenthood have always hidden these truths from would be mothers by keeping the scene sanitized.  However, just because the blood and tissue left over from the destruction of an innocent child are hidden behind a sheet doesn’t mean they aren’t there still there.  All Dr. Gosnell did by keeping souvenirs on display was to forego the sheets thus exposing the truth. 

The second event occurred when Planned Parenthood Lobbyist Alisa LaPolt admitted to a Florida legislative panel that in the event of a child being born after surviving a botched abortion the fate of the child would then be decided on by the attending physician and the parent.  In reality, any child born alive automatically constitutes life under ALL legal definitions.  As such, all decisions in support of life are therefore automatic.  The revelation brought on by her testimony has destroyed any credibility Planned Parenthood has for it’s own argument against it being nothing more than an abortion mill. 

The third event came up with the FDA’s announcement that 15 year olds would now be permitted to in essence “self-induce abortion” by virtue of having direct access to the morning-after pill without requiring parental consent or even so much as a prescription from a doctor.  Hard line pro-choice partisans are now having a terrible time attempting to explain why a 15 year old who isn’t even considered as being responsible enough to be entrusted with an aspirin at school is somehow now considered to have the full mental capacity to make decisions as drastic as those related to abortion all on their own. 

The latest event has caught both the media and the pro-choice crowd totally off guard because it doesn’t appear on the surface to even have anything to do with abortion at all.  However, in reality it has everything to do with abortion because it stops one of the biggest arrows in the quiver of the pro-choice argument having to do with the birth of children of rape.  The obvious answer is that nobody wants to deal with a woman going through the birth of a child of rape.  However, as traumatic as that might be, the truth is that to many the destruction of innocent life is even more abhorrent.  I’d be hard pressed to believe even for a second that Amanda Berry has any plans to give up her 6 year old daughter that was the result of a rape now that she’s been freed. 

The two main arguments of the pro-choice crowd have always been that it is a woman’s body and therefore it is completely her choice, and that we need to make exceptions for rape and incest.  With the first argument we now know that is a totally false supposition based on the idea that even the pro choice crowd can no longer hide behind a sanitized version of what’s really been going on.  When it comes to the second argument I would suggest perhaps deferring to Amanda Berry’s opinion on the matter. 

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