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Obama is Ultimately to Blame

Posted by on May 16, 2013
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You won’t find pictures of Adolph Hitler standing with a still smoking Luger strapped to his hip, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t responsible for the slaughter of millions.  You won’t find signed copies of “hit orders” from Al Capone, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t responsible for his adversaries showing up dead all over Chicago.  In that same vane you won’t glean Obama’s fingerprints from anything related to the numerous scandals that are plaguing his Administration, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t still be held accountable. 

Obama has given so many excuses for why he thinks he’s above reproach when it comes to all the scandals that have occurred under his watch that it automatically begs the question “then why is he even President?”  The role of a leader isn’t to simply exercise authority (the part Obama dearly loves).  It is also to accept responsibility by being held accountable for how that authority gets exercised.  Any first year political science student can tell you that authority without responsibility equals corruption.  Any first year business student can also tell you that a superior can delegate authority downward to a subordinate, but can’t delegate responsibility in the same manner.  That’s the very reason the sign on President Truman’s desk read “The Buck Stops Here”. 

Granted, as President, Obama has a lot of subordinates to deal with.  However, apparently he’s been too busy playing golf, doing fundraisers, and hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z to know anytime one of his subordinates has “gone rogue”.  Therefore, at least in his mind, none of this has been his fault.  On numerous occasions Obama has even gone so far as to claim that he hadn’t even heard about many of these issues until he watched them unfolding on the news just like everyone else.  The problem is that as President he’s not like everyone else.  It’s his job to stay out in front on these types of issues to ensure that the great powers he’s been entrusted with don’t get abused.  That’s why we also have the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”. 

It would be easy to give him a pass if we were only talking about a single isolated incident for which he was truly ignorant.  However, whether he has ever been directly involved or not, what Obama is responsible for is incubating both a culture and a mindset that allows corruption and abuse to seemingly flourish within his Administration.  Ultimately he is either guilty of being directly involved in these events, or he is just as guilty by being so incredibly incompetent and disconnected that he has become just as culpable as those who were, in fact, directly involved. 

The typical axiom is that your own character is best defined by those from whom you seek council.  If you associate with thieves it is most likely because you are a thief.  If you hire thugs it is because you are most likely a thug yourself.  If you look at the list of Obama’s known associations with people like Tony Rezko and Bernadine Dorn along with his list of appointees like Van Jones and Eric Holder it becomes very clear about what Obama’s real character looks like.  When it comes to politics, if he hires those known for practicing “the corrupt Chicago way” it’s because it is a mirror image of his own style and character.  This is what we are now witnessing unfold before our very eyes as more and more information continues to come out. 

Over the past week I have been asked more times than I can count about whether or not I think any or all of this will ultimately lead to impeachment.  Here’s the best response I can currently provide.  If it does lead to an early exit for Obama it won’t be because of racism.  It won’t be because of any vast right wing conspiracy.  For that matter it won’t even happen at the hands of anyone carrying an “R” after their name at all.  If it happens, it will be because of his character failings and incompetence.  It would be a political conclusion that would ultimately be carried out by those who use the “D” suffix once they finally realize that they would be far better off going into battle in 2016 wielding the term “incumbent President Biden” than by continuing to defend Obama’s scandal plagued legacy.

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