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Liberalism’s Role in the Obama Scandals

Posted by on May 28, 2013
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If you look at the 4 major scandals currently plaguing the Obama Administration (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, and Media Spying) it’s easy to break them down into 2 separate groups.  The first group, Benghazi and Fast & Furious, both have to do with creating false narratives out of thin air.  In the Benghazi case Obama was trying to create the election year narrative that he had single handedly defeated Al Qaeda.  Apparently he forgot to consult with Al Qaeda beforehand.  With Fast & Furious he was attempting to create the narrative that it was American guns that were fueling the border violence so that he could then make a liberal push for gun control.  Again, perhaps he should have consulted with the drug cartels on the front end. 

However, the IRS and Media Spying scandals can be grouped together to expose a completely different issue.  In those cases Obama wasn’t trying to create a narrative.  Instead, he was trying to stifle the exposure of reality.  The IRS scandal had to do with using the IRS to abuse the voices of dissent.  Meanwhile, the Media Spying scandal had to do with keeping tabs on the media in order to control any potential opposing public voices that might expose the truth.  The real truth is that none of these scandals were even necessary if logic had actually supported Obama and his liberal agenda.  Therefore, the question the Left must now ask of itself is “Why?” 

If liberalism is so great than why can’t it defend itself in the true arena of ideas without having to resort to such underhanded tactics?  Why the need for false narratives?  If Obama is supposed to be so brilliant then why can’t he simply show up and verbally defeat any argument conservatives have to throw at his agenda?  If his economic plans were so great then why aren’t we any better off after 4 ½ years?  If Obamacare was the end all fix all answer to healthcare then why is it imploding before our very eyes?  For that matter, why can’t he even defend his existing record at all?  Instead, all he ever does is blame others for his failures.  How can you back a President who stands at the front of the line to take credit for such specialized tactics as the killing of Bin Laden from halfway around the world, yet apparently isn’t capable of keeping up with what’s happening in his own backyard when it comes time to deal with some blame? 

If I were a liberal these questions, and more importantly the lack of answers, would scare the heck out of me about whether or not I’d been backing the right horse all along.  I’ve been asking liberals to step forward and defend the logic of their ideas for years.  I’ve yet to get any serious takers and now it’s easy to see why.  The truth is that liberalism can’t even defend itself to itself let alone to someone that is actually expecting real answers to valid questions.  The problem with liberalism is that once an issue’s emotions have faded away you’re still stuck dealing with reality, and fighting reality without logic is called futility.  The reason the Obama Administration must now lie about everything is because the emotions have all been spent.  Meanwhile, reality still lingers thus exposing the true failures of liberalism. 

Liberalism itself is nothing but one big lie.  In reality it’s nothing more than elitist making false promises to the perpetually stupid in order to gain their support.  You don’t believe me?  Great, then logically explain how raising taxes, thus taking away the rewards of productivity is supposed to make anyone MORE productive.  The truth is that it isn’t.  Elitists are simply smart enough to understand that it isn’t who has the money that has the power.  It’s those that get to call the shots on how that money gets spent that have the real power.  So if you take away someone’s possessions through taxation then it’s not really about “fairness” after all.  It’s really all about making elitist politicians like Obama even more powerful.  The same is true of issues like controlling the environment and healthcare.  The non-elitist liberals simply aren’t smart enough to figure this out for themselves and instead become nothing more than useful idiots for their elitist masters. 

Obama is not only corrupt, but his arrogance is only surpassed by his own ignorance.  If he were as brilliant as we are supposed to believe then he wouldn’t have to lie because we wouldn’t have any of these messes to begin with.  He is at fault for certain.  However, the fault also rests with those that were willing to go along with his plan without question.  Let’s face it.  If you voted for him then you are just as guilty as he is.  That’s the price you pay for not bothering to challenge your own beliefs with even the simplest of questions.  The unions are starting to figure it out now that they realize they will be stuck with Obamacare themselves.  Perhaps they should have read the bill before supporting its passage after all.  Who knows, once the rest of the liberal base realizes that they’ve been played the fool, they’ll wish they had read Obama before passing him as well.

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