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Worse Than It Appears

Posted by on May 29, 2013
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The scandals that have rocked this administration have been bad enough.  However, there are actually far more sinister and damning things to look at beyond the illegalities of what has been unveiled about this Administration.  What these scandals have inadvertently exposed is that the entire philosophy of big government is, just as we Conservatives have been warning about for years, full of nothing but corruption and incompetence. 

If you’ve been a big fan of this administration in the past, consider this:  The very same administration that has been demanding that we turn over control of virtually every aspect of our lives, from healthcare, to the environment, to the redistribution of our nation’s wealth, now claims that they shouldn’t even be held accountable for those things that they were already supposed to be accountable for in the first place, like making the IRS behave itself. 

It’s a simple axiom that control without accountability equals corruption.  Obama wants to control everything, but doesn’t want to be held accountable for anything.  How can any nation trust its leader when he demands more while answering for less?  How can any nation trust the top law enforcer when he is at the center of the very corruption that he is supposed to be preventing? 

Socialism and corruption have always gone hand in hand because, as the other axiom goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  The closer you get to the absolutes found in socialism, the more accurate this axiom becomes.  The Left will jump to say that Nixon proved that corruption can cross party lines, which is true.  However, at the same time it must also be acknowledged that Nixon didn’t have near the absolute power that Obama now wields.  

The other problem is that in Obama’s mind enough isn’t nearly enough when it comes to appeasing his lust for such power.  In my book I mentioned that it has been my belief from the beginning that Obama’s ultimate goal was never to just be President.  He has always sought to create the ultimate liberal fantasy of a one world government such as what the U.N. has been attempting to create through such things as Carbon Credits and Agenda 21.  Obama’s initial push to be liked by other nations around the world was never about creating peace.  It has always been about positioning himself through world popularity to be the potential head of just such a government.  It’s scary to think of just how corrupt we are finding out that Obama has been at his current level of power.  Just imagine what the corruption would be like if he were to ever reach this ultimate goal.

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