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The Dangers of Moral Outrage

Posted by on June 4, 2013
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Moral outrage can be a dangerous dance partner.  Case in point is the recent story about the nut case who has been fighting to get his children back, yet showed up to a custody hearing wearing a Nazi uniform.  Yes, this guy appears to be a complete moron.  We all get that.  Furthermore, I’m not about to defend him based on his actions to date.  However, there is still something more important to this story that must be fully understood. 

What this case is really about is whether or not this guy is a fit parent regardless of whether we agree or even comprehend his positioning.  The general consensus is that he is at least incredibly stupid based on some of the things he’s done lately.  However, if stupidity levels alone are the benchmark for being denied the right to be parents then Sasha and Malia would have been in foster care years ago.  Instead, they seem to be normal well adjusted teenagers in spite of the unique circumstances of their upbringing.  So being stupid alone doesn’t necessarily disqualify someone from being a good parent. 

The second issue would be his attire.  Only an idiot would show up to a custody hearing wearing full Nazi regalia.  However, if the benchmark of bad parenting is based on dressing to honor homicidal maniacs then there are a lot of people that I pass every day wearing T-shirts with images of Mao, Lenin, and the ever popular “Che” Guevara shirts that should also be forced to remain childless.  After all, Hitler didn’t own all the copyrights to genocide.  If there were such a dress code for parenting we should have been enforcing it long before this clown ever strolled onto the scene. 

Some might argue that his real sin comes from his unconventional child naming schemes in which he employed names like Adolf Hitler and Heimlich Himmler that are bound to be a burden on his children until they are old enough to emancipate themselves from such cruel monikers.  Once again though, if the use of cruel naming conventions is the benchmark for bad parenting then most of the children of the Hollywood elite would become instant wards of the state.  Dweezil, Moon Unit, and Rumor are just a few.  The worst I’ve seen so far has to be the name Shithead (and yes, someone really named their kid that). 

The final issue would be the simple fact that he is an avowed Nazi, and because of this many people will argue that his children are at risk of being brainwashed into such an extreme ideological position themselves.  However, for that response I would like to refer back to an earlier commentary that I wrote concerning how our modern public educational systems have a tendency themselves of being more about indoctrination than education.  When grade school children get suspended for bringing quarter sized Lego guns to school it’s not about safety.  It’s about promoting gun control.  When high school kids are forced to watch the farcically inaccurate waste of celluloid called “An Inconvenient Truth” it’s not about protecting the planet.  It’s about being brainwashed into submitting to the liberal agenda of redistributing wealth through carbon credits.  And when college students are told to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper and then stomp on it, it’s about promoting secularism so that people will learn to only worship at the feet of an almighty government. 

My point is that it’s always dangerous whenever you point the full force of the government at something just because someone dislikes or disagrees with it.  We’ve already seen how the IRS has been abusing the Tea Party simply because they refused to acquiesce to the prescribed liberal mantra of governmental control.  The same can be said of using the courts to go after this guy.  To date I’ve yet to see any evidence that suggest he has done anything to physically harm or neglect any of his children, yet the full force of the government has been used to take his kids away anyway.  That’s when this saga starts to take a very scary turn.  If we allow ideological disagreements to become the benchmark then what’s to stop the next person from losing their children simply because they are seen as too extreme for no other reason then perhaps flying a flag in their front yard, or from the other side, because they decide to wear a “Hillary 2016” T-shirt?  It may sound like a far fetched idea, but then again, so did the IRS going after the Tea Party or the feds spying on the media…….At least it sounded far fetched, until it really happened.

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