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The Cheating Principle

Posted by on June 14, 2013
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One of the strategies the Left keeps attempting to employ when it comes to the IRS scandal is to turn the entire debate around and question why Tea Party and conservative groups were even applying for 501C status in the first place.  They feel the sudden urge to question why groups with political agendas should even qualify for tax exempt status at all.  For once I’m going to agree with them. 

I don’t believe that any group which pushes ANY sort of politically related agenda should ever be granted tax exempt status.  Nor should they be granted government subsidies.  So let’s go for broke.  After more than 3 years the group I belong to has yet to receive its 501C status.  Therefore, we’ll obligingly withdraw our application…..but only AFTER the government first repeals that same status from ALL groups, including the liberal ones, that already enjoy sucking at the teat of such big brother benefits.  Furthermore, the government must also revoke ALL government funding mechanisms from any such agenda related organizations as well, including groups like Planned Parenthood, the renamed ACORN conglomerate,, etc. 

Somehow I get the feeling that if all of that were to suddenly come true the Left would be the first to cry “foul” since most of their agenda couldn’t exist without these groups drawing from the breast of the public coffers.  However, think of it this way.  Would it be fair to have two marathon runners compete against each other if only one got the benefit of wearing shoes while the other was forced to compete barefoot?  That’s basically what the Left’s ridiculous attempt at changing the debate amounts to.  We’re not fools.  You can either provide both sides with equal government benefits, or preferably neither.  However, either way, from this point forward we are going to insist that everyone must play by the same rules. 

The dirty little secret is that the Left can’t compete evenly when it comes to the arena of ideas.  The cheating principle states that if they actually thought they would have won naturally they would have played fairly. Therefore, there should never have been a need to “cheat” by using the IRS to abuse conservative groups in the first place.  The only time someone should ever feel compelled to cheat or bully their opponent is when they know they are destined to lose if they don’t.  Whenever a government employs such tactics, it should be better recognized by its rightful name…Tyranny.  The Left obviously knows it’s losing the ideological debate as their failures continue to mount, and now feel they have no other choice but to cheat if they wish to maintain their grip on power.

Elitist power is really what Liberalism is all about in the first place.  That’s why any dissent must be crushed before it reaches a point where it can rigorously question the status quo.  It’s why there was never any real debate over global warming.  We were told the debate had already been settled before it had even begun.  Except now we know it, like so many other left wing power grabbing schemes, was nothing more than a lie.  It’s why there was never any debate over Obamacare, or the stimulus package, etc.  Instead what we got was Nancy Pelosi telling us that those bills must be passed before we could even find out what was in them.  Well, now we know what was in them and it’s no wonder they didn’t want to defend them in an honest debate. 

The reason this administration can’t simply come forward and justify any of the plethora of other scandals that it finds itself mired in is because it can’t possibly justify any of its actions in a logical manner.  Instead, it must spend all its efforts spinning lies and cover ups for that which was never meant to be exposed in the first place.  When you find that your ideology must resort to cheating, bullying, and lying just to get by, yet still ends up with a record of total failure, then perhaps you need to take your head out of the sand and start questioning that ideology for yourself.

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