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The Price of Gullibility

Posted by on June 23, 2013
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Mexican drug cartels have a cruel hoax they play on those that are gullible enough to go along with it.  Rather than risk their own necks moving drugs across the border, cartel members offer up what appears to be a kings ransom to those willing to do their dirty work by acting as “mules” to smuggle their products across.  The mules are left to suffer all the punishment should they get caught, yet if they do manage to make it safely to the other side the hoax gets played out as cartel members simply execute them rather than pay up. 

You would think that it wouldn’t take very long before word got out and the cartels found themselves in short supply of volunteers, but as is often the case greed sometimes has a tendency to win out over common sense.  Take the history between unions and tyrants as an example.  A quick look through history will show that unions have always taken on the role of the gullible when it comes to cutting deals with tyrants.  The unions will do all the dirty work while naively thinking that they will be rewarded for their efforts in the end.  Yet once the tyrant reaches power the unions are the first to get executed.  For further historical reference I suggest reading about what happened between Hitler and the Brown Shirts during the Night of the Long Knives as an example. 

If we fast forward to Obama and his own relationship with unions it’s easy to see that Obama promised unions  a king’s ransom in exchange for doing his dirty work as he sought to reach his own pinnacle of power.  At one time union leaders Richard Trumpka and Andy Stern were the two most common visitors to the white house.  Now they’d consider themselves lucky if they even got invited to the annual Easter egg hunt.  After making their deal the unions sacrificed all their efforts, votes, and even their financial coffers to the “cause”, yet now those same unions suddenly find themselves staring up at the undercarriage of the Obama campaign bus. 

If you don’t believe me then let’s take a look at just how the unions have fared under Obama since his rise to power.  Did unions get their much sought after “card check” provisions for union voting?  NO!  At best Obama offered up a half hearted effort during a time when he was still seeking their assistance to ensure his re-election.  Did he protect unions from state level “Right to Work” legislation?  NO!  In fact, union membership numbers have been decimated since Obama took office, dropping a full percentage point from 12.3% of the work force down to 11.3%.  Even typical stalwart states like Wisconsin and Michigan have gone astray of their union roots with such legislation. 

Not only has Obama NOT delivered on their rewards, but he’s even gone the opposite direction as he attempts to rid himself of this pest the same way a deadbeat attempt to rid himself of a bill collector.  Obamacare has provisions in it that actually penalize these very same unions for having the Cadillac healthcare plans that it took them years to acquire through negotiations.  I guess they wish they had read the bill before helping pass it after all.  Furthermore, if Obama’s proposed immigration plan gets passed it will devastate union ranks even further as companies opt for the new and much cheaper labor pool that will suddenly become legalized. 

I don’t feel sorry for unions.  After all, it’s not like they didn’t have more than a centuries worth of world history to reference before making their current deal with the devil.  Now that the devil has reneged yet again they must bare the consequences of their gullibility.  Just like the mules become nothing more than a nuisance to be rid by the cartels once they’ve served their useful purpose, so too is the same with the unions by Obama.  Just like the remains of all those mules ended up being left to rot in the desert, so too appears to be the fate of unions under Obama. 

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