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Putting the Pieces Together

Posted by on July 1, 2013
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Question:  What do Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin, and the immigration bill all have in common? 

Answer:  They are all based on a common agenda that has nothing to do with what each issue seems to be about individually. 

Case in point:  If you take a look at the Paula Deen controversy as an example, the media wants us to believe that a 60+ year old white woman who grew up in the South in the 60’s and used the N-word three decades ago is cause for a public execution.  Yet, if the word itself is truly the root of all evil then most of the rappers and Black comics of pop culture should also be lined up beside her when the firing squad gets put to use.  In truth, what this controversy is really about is creating division.  After all, if the word is so offensive when spoken that it burns our collective ears, than whose lips it passes from should be irrelevant. 

If the mainstream media were truly as concerned as they claim about a Black teenager getting gunned down on the street, then Sanford, Florida isn’t where they should all be camping out.  Instead, you should find them, along with all the supposedly outraged protesters camping out on the streets of Chicago where there were over 500 Trayvon’s last year alone.  Again, this case isn’t really about what happened to Trayvon.  It’s about creating division. 

If you think the immigration bill actually has anything to do with dealing with illegal immigrants then you are being played the fool.  What it’s really about is strengthening one minority to go against another. That’s why the bill’s proponents can’t even give a straight answer on why we aren’t able to close the border first before implementing any form of amnesty.  It’s also why the issue will never be put to rest even if the bill gets past.  Such conflicts must always be present for divisions to exist. 

The common link that binds all of these issues together has to do with something that we’ve all been led to believe will lead us to nirvana, but in reality is evil personified.  That thing goes by the name multiculturalism.  When most people hear the term multiculturalism they are trained to believe it means that we are all supposed to get along gracefully under a single umbrella in spite of our cultural backgrounds.  In truth it means the exact opposite.  All you need to do is study a little history to realize that multiculturalism is, in reality, the genesis of such evil practices as the racism and bigotry it professes to be against. 

We’ve all been taught that the easiest way to win a war is to divide and conquer.  In reality, the easiest way to win is to divide and instigate.  Once you have your enemy divided, simply pit the new opposing forces against each other so that they focus on destroying each other while ignoring you.  The reason multiculturalism is so hideous is because it does exactly that and pits groups against each other under an aura of paranoia toward those that are now defined as different.  It proves why Abraham Lincoln famously quoted from the Bible in his Gettysburg Address when he said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. 

I’ve written before about history showing where nations get destroyed by the hyphen created by multiculturalism.  Just take a look at the chaos currently going on in Europe as people move freely across open borders without any attempt at adapting to their new environs, but instead insist on taking their old cultures with them.  Even in this country we’ve all become African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-American, etc. where the emphasis gets put on the word on the left of the hyphen when we really should be putting all our emphasis on the word to the right, Americans, for it is the word on the right which is always the true unifier.  That’s also the word that brings about the true equality we all profess to seek.  When we put the emphasis on the Left we automatically create a majority class and often multiple minority classes, which in turn become the villains and victims of disparate cultures.  That’s when the cultural struggles get instigated. 

There are an infinite number of ways to divide a nation and all you need to do is look at the Liberal mantra to see how this concept gets put into practice.  It’s always the rich against the poor, Blacks against Whites, Christians against Muslims, gays versus straights, men against women, etc. where we always end up defining a “victim” class that must now be defended.  We divide through paranoia against those who are now defined as “different” and prepare for battle.  It also explains why the media keeps up the narrative of anything that is patriotic being viewed as “offensive” to some.  Patriotism is one of the few key elements that can put the emphasis back on the unifying word to the right of the hyphen where it belongs.  Doing so makes it much more difficult for outside interest to take control against a unified front. 

The media wants you to believe that if you are against multiculturalism that you must be some sort of bigot.  However, there is plenty of room in a non-multicultural society to respect things like heritage and tradition.  It simply means that you must first adapt to become part of something bigger than yourself, instead of demanding that everyone else adapt to you.  In order to win this war we must first recognize our true enemy.  We can all still be individual pieces of the same puzzle, but our only true value comes about when we focus on representing parts of the same broader picture.  Our true enemy shouldn’t be each other.  It should be that which seeks to tear our puzzle apart.

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