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Declaring Our Second Independence

Posted by on July 3, 2013
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If you were to ask most people why we celebrate Independence Day the most obvious answer would be that we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence which freed us from Great Britain.  From a technical perspective this would be correct.  However, what most people don’t fully grasp is exactly what it was that our founders were looking for by declaring their independence. 

When most people think of the events that occurred almost 2 ½ centuries ago, they tend to think of it as the emancipation of a servant from their master, or as some sort of a divorce where we could no longer get along with King George and therefore wanted to annul our existing arrangement.  Sure we had our grievances, but that doesn’t mean that we hated the King.  In fact, most of the Colonists at the time were actually quite fond of him. 

If you look at it from a practical perspective we were actually more like the restless child that yearns to leave the parent in order to spread their wings and soar off to their own destiny.  The last thing we actually wanted at the time was to go to war against a parent in a situation where Vegas odds makers would have given us about the same chance of winning as a dead horse at the Kentucky Derby.  Our choices at the time were to either remain at our royal parent’s knee while living under both their protection, but also their rule, or to leave that protection behind and risk everything as we set out to fulfill our dream of creating a whole new destiny defined by the freedom of the human spirit.  The fact that our Founders even stated in the Declaration that they were willing to risk their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” shows how desperately they wanted to fulfill such a dream. 

As we celebrate yet another July 4th we must now evaluate our own choices yet again.  Do we really want to exist under the supposedly benevolent watchful eye of a new parental government that promises both charity, but also control.  Or do we want to follow on the path cleared by our Forefathers where we sacrifice a false sense of security in order to break the binds that keep our spirits grounded by declaring our second independence?

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