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Obama Ain’t No Trayvon

Posted by on July 19, 2013
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Listening to Obama speak about the Zimmerman verdict gave me great pause to reflect on just how out of touch with reality our current President actually is.  He claimed that 30 years ago he could have just as easily had been Trayvon himself.  Hardly!  Other than both of them posing for pictures while “Chooming” they literally had nothing else in common.  Trayvon didn’t go to any fancy prep schools like Hawaii’s Punahou High.  Trayvon wasn’t mentored at the feet of an avowed communist like Frank Marshall Davis during his formative years.  And Trayvon certainly wasn’t destined for any Ivy League education.  In fact, Obama has about as much in common with the average black man overall as my hound dog has in common with the average hockey player. 

In his speech Obama described what he claims to have been his own experiences with racism.  As a child of the ‘60’s you would have thought he would have been describing beat downs while marching for civil rights, or of being denied a seat at a restaurant counter or water fountain.  Instead what he described was the feelings he had when he would pass someone on the street and he’d hear the clicking of door locks, or when he would get on an elevator only to have the women that were already there clutch their purses a little tighter.  Hey moron!  That’s not racism.  That’s common sense!  I’m a big scary looking white guy and I get the exact same responses in those situations.  It’s simple human nature for someone to want to be protective against the unfamiliar.  In fact, learning how to cope with such situations is typically lesson #1 in just about any self defense class you’ll ever take. 

Obama is desperate to be re-associated with the concept of being the first black President.  His own minions in the main stream media accidently stripped him of that title during the Zimmerman trial by describing Zimmerman, who is half white and half Latino, as white, thus automatically inferring that Obama, who is half white and half black, as also being technically white when applying the same standard.  Obama wants to lead the downtrodden minorities by pretending that he’s one of them who can therefore relate to their struggles, except his lifestyle tells a very different tale. 

How many minorities do you think Obama will encounter in his two weeks of vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard?  How many minorities do you think his girls hang out with at their private Sidwell Friends School?  How many Bro’s do you think he chills with in his upper class Hyde Park ‘hood?  Obama has nothing more in common with the average black man than what he had with Trayvon.  He’s as much a media creation for minorities as he was for liberal voters. 

My daughter speaks fluent Spanish, but that doesn’t make her Hispanic, so she would never assume the ability to see things through the experiences of those who are.  I can attend a synagogue, but that alone won’t make me Jewish, so I can’t assume I understand their tribulations.  Obama can claim all the skin pigmentation that he likes, but the life he’s lived will never allow him to understand the experiences he’s tried to claim as his own.  If Obama really could see life through the eyes of the average black teenager, I’m sure his message would be far different.  His message wouldn’t be about declaring reasons for why such lives continue to get wasted and lost, but about giving hope and reason for living out such lives in the first place.

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