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Cowgirl Up

Posted by on August 12, 2013
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The toughest group of people I’ve ever witnessed beyond those who serve in our military don’t come from the ranks of big ugly NFL players, nor are they semi-toothless MMA fighters.  They are actually teenage girls who ride horses.  You may be laughing, but those who ride know the truth.  There is nothing more amazing than the sight of a 100 pound girl taking control of a 1200 pound beast with a mind of its own and together creating a scene of pure majesty as horse and rider stride over tall obstacles and turn on a dime together at full canter.  There is also nothing scarier than to see what happens when things go wrong.  I’ve seen more blood and broken bones on both girls and horses than I care to contemplate.  

There is a saying amongst those who ride whereby after a fall or an injury occurs there is always that point at which they are called upon to either “cowgirl up or abandon the barn”.  If riding is their true calling then they must accept that one of the mandatory requirements is to endure the pain in order to create those magical moments they all live for that can only occur when horse and rider are working together as one.  They all seem to fully understand that the risk is worth the reward.  That’s why these young girls typically don’t even hesitate when called upon.  They just give a pained smile of determination, saddle up, and do what needs to be done.  That’s true toughness. 

When it comes time to show such grit, it’s our politicians who could learn a thing or two from these teenage girls.  Truth be told, those in Congress who sport an (R) after their name could just as easily be confused as the one’s who are currently wearing the panties.  They have all stood boastfully and declared their disdain for Obamacare when it was nothing more than show votes on meaningless bills destined for the trash bin.  However, now that it’s time to pony up a real vote to “defund or die” on this issue, most of those same pompous blowhards have opted instead for abandonment.  The same can be said when it comes time to stand up and do what’s right on immigration. 

Time and time again we hear the talking heads from the Republican ranks declaring their fear of shutting down the government.  After all, if they do they are certain that the media will blame them for it.  So here’s my simple question to these cowards.  If you won’t stand up for what you’ve already declared as truly wrong then what will you stand up for?  If not now, then when?  The truth is that if you can’t be counted on for the most obvious of issues then you have in essence declared yourself as an unnecessary burden upon the taxpayers and should therefore be the next item of sequester.  Besides, as a Republican you must be a complete fool to believe that the media will ever truly like you anyway, so get over yourself. 

Being a politician should never be about positioning yourself for winning the next election.  It should ONLY be about standing up for principles you genuinely believe in.  If you can’t at least do that then you aren’t fit as an office holder to begin with because you are truly no better than your opponent.  What both history and reality have shown is that when politicians do stand on principles that they can logically explain the elections tend to take care of themselves.  Therefore, there is no legitimate excuse for not doing what you already know is right. 

The debate on whether or not to defund Obamacare is a farcical waste of time.  After all, even those who initially supported this behemoth bastion of stupidity are now trying to run away from it faster than Adrian Peterson running away from an irate linebacker.  I’ll give you the easy correct answer…DEFUND IT!!!  Now is the time to create that amazing moment that can only be realized when politicians and principles work together as one.  Now is the time for Boehner and Company to forget about abandoning the American people and instead “Cowgirl Up”.

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