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The Cannibalism of Liberalism

Posted by on August 25, 2013
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The greatest failing of liberalism, besides its total lack of understanding when it comes to the principles of economics, is that it is and always will be in a direct conflict with itself.  The reason is that liberalism as a whole isn’t really a philosophy as much as it is a concatenation of special interest groups attempting to work in unison under the auspice of “I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine”.  That is why liberals can never logically explain what it is that they believe in overall, but can only speak in talking points.  Beyond their own specific cause they typically have no clue as to the logic behind the causes of the other liberal groups to which they are bound.  Therefore, when you see them supporting each other side by side all they can muster are some easily memorized, but childishly rhyming chants.  It also explains why liberals always seem to be contradicting themselves and often become hypocrites against their own talking points. 

This explains why most liberals groups like unions and AARP were so supportive of Obamacare before they even had a clue about what was actually in it.  It explains why liberals hate fracking, yet most don’t know enough about it to understand that it’s a procedure that has been performed safely for over 60 years.  Or that even the EPA, which hates fossil fuels, commissioned their own studies which ultimately declared it to be a safe procedure.  It explains why liberals will loudly proclaim that we need more regulations to curtail banks from getting too big, yet fail to realize that the latest round of regulations actually made the biggest banks even bigger than before through forced mergers and acquisitions. 

This type of cultural liberalism will always implode upon itself in the end.  The reason is that in order to enhance its ranks liberalism must perpetually subdivide the masses under the “demon versus victim” theory that ultimately forces these once allied groups to become pitted against each other.  We see this happening today where it’s the rich against the poor, black against white, Christian against Muslim, men against women, etc.  The problems become apparent because the more you subdivide the more potential conflicts you create. 

For example, you can’t build wind turbines to appease the environmentalist because that would also mean the killing of birds which would contradict with the animal rights groups.  You can’t claim to support unions and immigration reform at the same time because that would pit the formerly illegal aliens directly against unions in the labor market.  You can’t allow the tolerance of gay rights and the intolerance of Sharia Law to co-exist without expecting massive amounts of bloodshed.  You can’t penalize the wealthy through taxation and then whine when they are no longer around to support your causes for the poor.

Liberalism is a lie.  It promises to appease everyone, when all it can really do is lie to everyone instead.  Liberalism lacks consistency because it doesn’t have a cohesive message to be consistent about.  That’s why liberals will proclaim that “you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want, damn the consequences”, only to follow it up with the opposing mantra of “as long as we all do it together in a fair collective manner”.  Liberals foolishly believe that both fairness and worldly altruism can only be achieved through each groups own self-centered causes without realizing that many of these causes cannot possibly coexist.  Ultimately liberalism always fails because at some point it becomes like a tribe of cannibals.  Once the only ones left are all members of the same tribe the ultimate rule of law becomes either eat your friends or get eaten by them.

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