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The TV War

Posted by on August 28, 2013
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Professional wrestling shows on T.V. have been successful for so many years simply because wrestling is predicated on the innately human desire to root for good to triumph over evil.  Wrestling makes it easy because the shows exaggerate the seemingly real life roles of the hero’s versus the heels so that it becomes obvious which combatant to cheer for even to the most novice of fans.  There are, however, other shows where it’s not quite so apparent simply because both sides are considered equally evil.  For example, who should you really be rooting for when the show involves Alien versus Predator, Jason versus Freddy, or Michigan versus Michigan State

If you look at the real life circumstances that we are getting ready to involve ourselves in with Syria you’ll find a similar situation where on one hand you have Bashar Assad who is an evil tyrant that promotes terrorism at will.  On the other hand you have the forces of Al Qaeda who are the terrorists.  So if we are to involve ourselves in their home grown domestic conflict exactly who should we really be rooting for, let alone supporting? 

In spite of what any talking heads in the media might tell you this conflict is different than those that we’ve dealt with recently in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.  In those cases there was a single ruling entity that was pure evil and needed to be rooted out.  In Syria what we are dealing with is a civil war where there are two equally evil forces opposing each other, each possessing outside backing to support their equally evil causes.  Therefore, if we do get involved, the situation we would find ourselves in would be similar to the childish coin flip trick of “Heads I win, tails you lose” where there is no desirable outcome to cheer for. 

I’m not against using the might or our military for protecting the innocent and promoting good.  I’m not even against Obama taking the credit for leading the charge as long as it’s a worthy cause.  I simply don’t want to see our brave men and women sacrificed over a cause that is lost regardless of the outcome.  When I look at what is currently happening in Syria I don’t see a situation where Dudley Do-Right is set to battle Snidely Whiplash to protect Nell Fenwick.  What I see is more like Jeffrey Dahmer battling Ted Bundy over the keys to the car.  Since I’ve used so many T.V. analogies already, I propose using one more.  I say that rather than involving ourselves in this predestined loser, we go ahead and allow them to carry out their insanity of destroying each other while we sit back and enjoy re-runs of Duck Dynasty instead.

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