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America’s Future Will Require Civil “Resurrection”

Posted by on September 15, 2013
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Are the People Being Represented?

Americans might wonder how historians will recount these days in our Republic.  The “Age of Arrogance” may best describe both the era and the relationship between citizens and the political class.  French diplomat Joseph de Maistre is credited with the phrase, “Every country has the government it deserves,” which is a reflection of our unwillingness to shoulder the sacrifices of self-government.  Power seeking pols – in both parties – have taken full advantage of our collective apathy and the American people must share the blame. Many Americans, possibly a majority, are self-medicating with distractions, be they sports, pop stars or reality shows – our modern “bread and circuses” culture.   Ironically, our future as a Constitutional Republic will rise or fall depending on their participation.  So far, the distractions hold a substantial lead; Lady GaGa has over 40 million followers on Twitter, while today’s bad girl, Miley Cyrus has 13.5 million.  By comparison, Tea Party rock star Ted Cruz has about 120,000. God given free will allows us to engage in political discourse or accept passive servitude…Americans will be surprised at the price to pay for collective indifference to political leaders as they become our masters. As reported in the Washington Post, “In 2012, Congressional approval averaged 15 percent, the lowest in nearly four decades of Gallup polling. And yet, 90 percent of House Members and 91 percent of Senators who sought re-election won last November.”  As of September 2013, Gallup claims that Congress’ approval rating has risen to 19%.  We the electorate still love our own Congress member, but hate all the other bums.  Other than grassroots activists, people are not following the day-to-day activities of their legislators. Informed activists must battle the cultural distractions as well as clever media promotion by incumbent politicians.

Misdirection is standard operating procedure in DC. Elected officials distract Americans from the issues that will directly effect every family and transform the country. Today, Syria conveniently dominates the news cycle and serves as an effective weapon of mass distraction.  No one in Washington wants to be held accountable for their vote to fund Obamacare’s implementation, nor to pass legislation that will assure amnesty for 11 million people that crossed into the U.S. illegally.  Our sovereignty, our freedom and safety have suffered damaging blows while the political class diverts attention with rhetoric, race and class warfare.  And in those frequent instances where an incumbent power player arouses the anger of folks back home, they resort to shrewd smear tactics against potential primary opponents.

In the Midwest, Sen. McConnell deploys a round-the-clock ad campaign to squash Louisville businessman Matt Bevin; mothers will grab their children and run from this guy when the slime machine finishes.  The money and power of incumbency virtually guarantees reelection of pandering Congress members. Did I mention money?  Speaker PAC guarantees Mr. Boehner will repel almost any viable challenge. If that doesn’t do the job, a false candidate is dispatched to draw votes and dilute support from a strong Primary challenger.

On Election Day 2014, Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner will have surpassed 50 years in DC — 28 and 22 years respectively.   Is it possible their alignment with Obama on going to war with Syria, complicity with colleagues attempting to pass a mass amnesty and unwillingness to deal a killing blow to Obamacare is a result of allegiance to someone other than citizens of Ohio or the Bluegrass?

A time for civil resurrection is long overdue. Please note that insurrection is a not the path for this moment, rather a renewed focus on civic responsibility and informed self-government. We must channel our anger into productive political action in our precincts and communities.  The time for distractions has passed.  Look your children and grandchildren in the eyes and let them know your generation will fight like Hell to restore government of and by the people.

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