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Ignorance Versus Stupidity

Posted by on September 26, 2013
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There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity.  Ignorance simply means lacking in knowledge or the ability to obtain knowledge.  Stupidity, on the other hand, means acting upon something either through ignorance, or through apathy towards gaining the proper knowledge.  It’s easy to forgive someone for being ignorant.  It’s not quite so easy to forgive someone for acting out of utter stupidity.  Liberals have proven themselves time and time again to be totally stupid.

If you look at some of the more recent examples it’s actually quite easy for me to prove my point.  Take the latest example of the unions finding a sudden fear over what the end results of Obamacare are about to mean for both their employment opportunities as well as their existing health plans.  It’s not like all the warning signs were ever hidden from view.  Beyond a simple look at the existing failures of socialized medicine around the world, Nancy Pelosi gave them a huge hint toward their impending peril when she said “we need to pass this bill just to find out what’s in it”.  Being asked to promote such a major piece of legislation that no one had even had a chance to read should have been their first clue.  In the book I wrote over two years ago I warned the unions that history has proven over and over that once their usefulness to tyranny had been fulfilled unions have always ended up being the first to get thrown under the bus for two simple reasons: (A) tyrants don’t like to share power, and (B) it’s cheaper to throw someone under a bus than to pay them off.  Just ask the Brown Shirts from Nazi Germany

The environmentalists are the next group to step up to the plate and expose their own stupidity.  You would think that after all the trials and failures of those wishing to take control of our lives through the environment that someone would actually start asking questions before jumping on to the next “I believe simply because I care” bandwagon.  We’ve already had to ward off what turned out to be bogus science behind such absurdities as global cooling, holes in the ozone, and CFC’s ending all life as we know it on this spaceship we call Earth.  By the time we got to global warming you would have thought that anyone with at least an ounce of brains would have started asking legitimate questions before allowing others to take control of their lives through pseudo-science.  Nope!  When those of us who did ask questions were told to sit down and shut up the mindless minions of the Left readily took their marching orders and pushed forward into the realm of stupidity.  We now know that global warming is as big a scam as all the others and the “Warming” crowd has proven themselves once again to be nothing but a bunch of mindless zombie morons.

For decades the Left has been spoon fed the line that what would be good for this nation is a complete redistribution of wealth by taxing the crap out of the collective incomes of the wealthy.  The Left has never once bothered to ask to see the math on how this would actually work.  Nor will they ever ask as long as they perceive it as a chance to “stick it to the Man”.  Once again in my book I explained through history, the application of a little logic, and a touch of simple mathematics that not only would this not work, but in the end it would only make the gap between the have’s and have not’s even bigger.  The latest statistics on the growing gap between the wealthy and the poor have proven yet again that I was right and the Left has been proven to still be as stupid as it ever has been.

Obama’s own recent foreign policy failures have shown him to be anything but brilliant.  He jumped at the chance to draw a “red line” without ever bothering to figure out who were the good guys and who were the bad guys in places like Egypt, Libya, and Syria.  He allowed his arrogance to override his ignorance and turned it into stupidity on the world stage.  He’s now a laughing stock leader who is viewed as the “Emperor who has no brain”.  The last thing any of us should ever want to see is a leader who is willing to sacrifice the blood and bounty of a nation by acting out of a combination of ego and stupidity.

You would think that I would be having a lot of fun writing about the foibles of my ideological opponents, but you’d be wrong.  This might have been a fun exercise if these acts of idiocy hadn’t placed the greatest nation on the planet on the verge of a total economic and moral collapse.  Even though I predicted these things when I wrote my book I don’t claim to be exceptionally brilliant, nor do I possess some special political crystal ball.  In fact, I consider myself to be just a common ordinary man.  Like most ordinary people we all have things for which we are ignorant.  However, the first lesson we should take away from the failures of liberalism is that it is never a good idea to attempt taking control over the lives of others by, as Obama’s own words put it, “Acting Stupidly”.   Just remember, ignorance isn’t always optional, but Stupidity is.

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