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The Apocalypse that wasn’t

Posted by on October 2, 2013
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To paraphrase a famous line from the Bertolt Brecht poem, “What if we had an apocalypse and nobody came?”  Before the sequestration cuts took affect we were bombarded with all sorts of proselytizing to the belief that Armageddon would surely be upon us should those cuts actually take place.  However, what it ultimately turned out to be was more like a bunch of federal employees snagging an extra week’s worth of quality time to coach youth soccer where they finally had a chance to draw up that “can’t miss” play destined to lead their team to a championship if only they could get a bunch of 10 year olds to actually run preset plays.  Beyond that the whole thing turned out to be nothing but a media hyped non-event. 

Last week with the threat of a government shutdown looming we were assured even more fervently by the three horsemen of the apocalypse (Barry, Harry, and Scary) that all life on Earth as we know it was destined to end if we didn’t cease our heretical ways.  However, as of this writing the worst thing that’s happened so far is that the Administration has managed to piss off a bunch of octogenarian veterans wanting one last glimpse of the icons representing what they had fought to valiantly to defend.  Apparently someone had once again forgotten to pack the seven seals meant to make their doom and gloom prophesies work this time.  Perhaps next time they’ll do like my wife does and make a travel checklist.  (Writer’s note – just in case you’re wondering, the fourth horseman was considered non-essential and subsequently furloughed). 

Scare tactics have been in the liberal bag of tricks for years, as have promises of a complete utopian society should we all become moronic enough to believe their overblown hyperbole.  However, at some point you would expect that the adults in the room would stand up and speak out.  By not capitulating to the funding demands for what by all measures is destined to be the train wreck of all train wrecks that’s exactly what is now happening.  No one actually wants to see our government shut its doors and cease functioning.  However, when a bunch of half wits pass bills that they’ve never even read, yet will take over 1/6th of our entire economy, someone needs to start playing the adult roll and demand answers to some very serious concerns before allowing it to happen.  That’s not called anarchy Harry.  That’s called common sense.

As Americans we have a right to question everything that our leaders attempt to do.  When we sense that they’ve gone astray we also have a moral obligation to correct them at whatever the cost.  Although our laws can’t always be perfect, when we do err, we are a nation meant to always err on the side of liberty.  We now know that the global warming legislation known as Cap & Trade was liberty defeating legislation based on what has proven to be bogus science.  We also know that Obamacare is already proving to be liberty denying legislation that is based on completely bogus math.  It’s time to stop the childish tantrums and start living up to the expectations of adulthood.  It’s time to demand that these three horsemen start answering legitimate questions about how it’s all going to work before it gets funded, or else mount up on their little fantasy unicorns and ride on out of here.

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