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The Farkus Follies

Posted by on October 9, 2013
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Obama and his minions (Oh wait, excuse me.  After my last commentary I stated that I would start calling him Farkus after the bully character that ultimately gets beat up in the movie “A Christmas Story”) so…Farkus and his minions keep trying to use the same tired rhetoric that they’ve been using for the last couple of week on the shut down stalemate.  I wouldn’t mind so much if those arguments would have made sense the first time they used them.  The problem is that they were just as easy to defeat then as they are now.  Continually repeating them doesn’t suddenly make them any more worthy.  It only makes the person speaking those lines look like they haven’t been keeping up (or in touch) with reality.  Here are a few examples to prove my point: 

The Left keeps preaching that the ACA (henceforth known as Farkuscare) is officially the law of the land and we just need to accept it.  We are told that even the Supreme Court has upheld it as such.  Therefore, we apparently have no right and/or business trying to challenge it.  This would make for a great line if only the Left were to ever adhere to their own sermons.  Apparently the idea that the Second Amendment is not only ALSO the existing law of the land, but specifically spelled out in the Constitution means nothing to them.  I guess that part is true based on the realization that I don’t believe too many on the Left have ever even bothered to actually READ the Constitution in the first place. 

The Left keeps preaching that elections have consequences so we need to simply accept their rule and therefore Farkuscare as part of their rule.  What you won’t hear coming from those same mental midgets is the idea that even though they did win the Senate along with the Presidency, they DIDN’T win the House.  All those Representatives won their individual races the same way Farkus and the Senators won.  Therefore, they have just as much right and responsibility to uphold their principles and beliefs as those on the Left do.  After all, just as they stated “elections do have consequences”, even those that the D’s lost. 

Farkus loves to tell us about all the power he wields from his lofty perch.  What he doesn’t seem to want to discuss is that our government is specifically designed with certain separations of powers.  Specifically, the House has the power of the purse.  Therefore, it is their right to wield that power as they see fit, just the same as Farkus and the Farkettes in the Senate are free to wield their specific powers as they see fit.  Therefore, whining because the House refuses to acquiesce there role doesn’t mean they are holding anyone hostage, or demanding any ransom.  It only means they are doing their job. 

Farkus declared that he’s willing to debate anyone at anytime over the stalemate just as long as Republicans first surrender so that we can reopen government.  His media minions keep trying to pound this point over and over that because of this statement it’s all now the fault of Republicans for not going along.  In reality, that particular line is only brilliant to those people who should be considered clinically brain dead to start with.  Beyond that nobody possessing and IQ above that of a tit mouse is foolish enough to buy into the old “give me everything I want and then I might consider giving something back” line.  Besides, the Republican already countered that by passing funding for everything else BUT Farkuscare.  So the ball is still just as much in his court as anyone’s to reopen government. 

What’s sad about how the Left functions is that they can never stand and deliver logic with their arguments. They talk about bullying while they forget that Farkuscare was passed without a single Republican vote.  Now that’s bullying!  They can certainly resort to name calling, fancy word play, and when all else fails pissing off innocent veterans.  However, when it comes to actually stating a logical case they come across about as intelligently as Flick, the kid in the movie that sticks his tongue to the frozen flag pole.  Wouldn’t it be nice if in the end this were all just a funny comedy we were reminiscing about instead of the real life horror story that it has become?

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