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The Math of Tyranny

Posted by on October 16, 2013
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As a business owner I have a certain level of flexibility in how I declare my income.  I can make my personal income look greater or less depending on how I decide to claim specific items.  There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to leaning one way or the other.  For example, if my main objective is to avoid paying taxes then I can make myself look poorer on paper.  Conversely, if my desire is to qualify for a loan then I need to make myself look wealthier. 

The other day someone sent me a link to a private online Obamacare calculator (since the official Obamacare link is currently useless).   So I decided to plug in some numbers using various scenarios of how I might make my income look just to see what kind of price tags I could be dealing with under Obamacare versus my current premiums.  What I discovered is that if I so desired I could make it such that I could potentially “Save” as much as 25% for comparable coverage against what I’m currently paying.  You would think that for someone whom the Left swears functions purely out of greed that I’d be all over the idea of switching sides and supporting Obamacare just to secure such potential savings.   You’d be dead wrong. 

As “Greedy” as I am (a moniker that I wear with pride), my tendency toward logic far exceeds my greed quotient.  For example, I’m smart enough to realize that even though the majority of the masses are already freaking out over their own potential pricing increases, that in reality they haven’t seen anything yet.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the math doesn’t exist to support Obamacare in its current form.  Just ask the Canadians who recently declared their own single payer system for which Obamacare is ultimately designed to mimic to be insolvent.  That means that whatever prices you are currently having heart palpitations over are actually the “introductory prices”.  The real pricing on this bait and switch scandal is destined to put us all in the hospital with full blown coronaries.  Never mind that there won’t be any doctors available to treat us by then. 

The talking heads from the Left are in perpetual attack mode over the audacity of all us “Right Wing Extremist” who are fighting desperately to keep this country from suffocating under the weight of this monstrosity.  What you aren’t hearing from these same talking heads are any real world explanations of how they’ll ever get the math to actually work.  God forbid that someone in Washington should ever be expected to explain themselves on the front end of a plan instead of creating excuses on the back end.  Keep in mind that we’ve already expended the same amount of time as what it took to fight the entirety of our role in World War II, yet we’re still looking at a quagmire of biblical proportions with no real resolution in sight.  To put it bluntly, after all this time and treasure they’ve yet to figure out that you can’t build a pony out of horse manure. 

If Obamacare were truly the end all, fix all, of all things healthcare related then there would be no need for terms such as “mandate” or “penalty”.  Reasonable people would look at it, recognize its value, and be clamoring to sign up without the need of having a proverbial gun pointed at their head.  There also wouldn’t be any desire for the very people who pushed it on us in the first place (i.e. Congress and Unions) to carve out exclusions for themselves rather than accepting the same fate as the masses that they’ve victimized through their own versions of greed and stupidity. 

As a logical thinking person myself I’m willing to accept certain “realities” in life.  However, to gain my acceptance you must first prove your position by both providing a reasonable explanation of how it will work (keep in mind that no one had even read the Obamacare bill before passing it) as well as by successfully defending it against any and all logical challenges.  The Left recently tried these same bully tactics with Climate Change as they did with Obamacare only to discover much to their dismay that it collapsed under the weight of such challenges.  For someone to refuse to relinquish their liberties to a premise that can’t compete on a logical battlefield constitutes neither “extremism” nor “anarchy”.  However, to demand that the masses surrender their liberties to the indefensible does equate to tyranny.

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