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GOP Establishment Clips Right Wing – Begins Death Spiral

Posted by on November 1, 2013
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Composite Clancy_CruzThe recent passing of Tom Clancy, America’s greatest author of thrillers, highlights the current struggle against DC’s demagogues in both political parties frequently colluding with big business at the expense of taxpayers.  Clancy’s characters are often creatures of Washington; well-connected people with grand ambitions and massive egos. They let nothing stand in the way of their quests to obtain power.  GOP relics, McCain, Hatch and Graham could easily serve as villains in a Clancy novel.  Today’s headlines parrot fiction as entrenched bureaucrats and their K Street handlers scheme to destroy fearless limited government reformers like Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who are literally risking all, to save our embattled Republic. 

Avid Clancy fans may recall the plot of Executive Orders; New President Jack Ryan is charged with the task of repopulating a decimated Congress, destroyed when a deranged pilot flies a passenger jet into the U.S. Capitol.  Ryan gives an inspired speech urging American voters to use the tragic event as an opportunity to send non-politicians to DC.  Establishment power brokers in the story, as in reality, consider Ryan’s (and the Framer’s) vision heresy.  Jack Ryan reminds America that the people’s House was built for citizen legislators to bring their common sense, life and business experience to Washington, serve for a short time, then return home.

Life imitates art. During the last eight months, filibusters by both Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were considered mortal sins against the established order in the Senate.  Mr. Smith can Go to Washington, but junior Senators should keep their mouth shut and follow the leadership–right or wrong.  The election of outspoken Tea Party favorites like Senators Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, along with freedom focused conservatives  in the House have unmasked the malice and insatiable lust for power among the GOP leadership.  Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham see freedom caucus firebrands as a threat that must be crushed with impunity.  They whine incessantly to an eager media, claiming the government slowdown was the final straw, blaming all of their failures on the new vanguard of patriots in the Senate and House. GOP statists have dropped all pretense of civility, opting for open warfare against their colleagues and by extension grassroots patriots like us who sent them to DC.

Ted CruzEstablishment pols believes PAC’s will continue to protect faithful party first incumbents and hold off principled primary challengers.  Former Ohio Congressman Steve LaTourette takes this warfare to the next level, using PAC money to prevent staunch fiscal conservatives from coming to Washington.  He  directs  a Super PAC called ‘Defending Main Street,’ dedicated to helping moderate GOP candidates weather Tea Party primary challenges.  This is just one of several Establishment favored PAC’s similar to Rove’s misnamed “Conservative Victory Project“, preparing to counter efforts by millions of grassroots activists and small government organizations like Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks.   Choosing to silence the voices of grassroots activists and the candidates they support is a tragic decision that signals the GOP’s descent into oblivion.  People will find a way to support freedom loving, fiscal conservatives and the GOP no longer gets to act as gatekeeper to power.

Career politicians and their corporate allies see the game changing and their fear drives them to cowardly acts.  Rove, McCain, Cornyn and LaTourette only see virtue in protecting their moderate flavor of government/corporate statism.  On the day Congress passed the continuing budget resolution, Matt Kibbe noted, “The line separating the Democrats and the Republican establishment is fading- it might have disappeared today.”  Yes, the line is gone and the GOP has chosen collective suicide when they could have embraced this chance to stand with patriots and restore America to greatness.

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