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Let Them Be Their Own Guinea Pigs

Posted by on November 7, 2013
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With all the handwringing, joke telling, and backside covering currently going on over the debacle known as the Obamacare rollout there are four things that are now undisputable facts.  The first fact, whether you believe on purpose or by accident, is that Obama flat out lied to the American people about Obamacare.  The second fact is that liberals aren’t any better at math than they are at web design or they would have known all along that this was a predetermined disaster just waiting to happen.  The third fact is that the left wing media are a bunch of partisan morons who were so focused on praising Obama that they forgot to do their job as journalists and actually ask him the basic questions about how it was all going to work.  The fourth and totally overlooked by all the media fact is that there is one group that DIDN’T lie to anyone.  In fact, it is a group that was brutally maligned by those very same left wing media morons simply for being right about Obamacare all along.  That group is the Tea Party. 

Every night we are witnessing formerly insured people being paraded across our TV screens who have now lost their coverage because of forced policy changes.  Whatever the number in millions is that this group currently represents as you read this one thing is for certain, over the next year that number is going to grow exponentially.  Not only are people not being able to sign up for new coverage because of a horrifically bad web portal, but the sticker shock for that coverage is causing its own healthcare crisis as people are dropping from coronaries at the site of their new premiums.  Keep in mind what I said before and the media is finally picking up on, these are just the introductory prices.  The real premium costs will be MUCH higher. 

The masses can complain all they want about how Obama lied to them, but the reality is that the Tea Party was ringing the warning bell as hard and loud as was possible to anyone willing to listen that the problems we are now seeing come to light have been hiding in the dark since the beginning.  So the real lie isn’t what Obama told anybody.  It’s what the ignorant masses told themselves by believing in the hype of someone who all along has been nothing more than a slick used car salesman for socialism.  We aren’t in this mess because of some grand deception.  We are in it because of the grand stupidity of people who thought it was cooler to laugh while left wing media hacks like Rachel Maddow wasted their time making fun of the Tea Party instead of focusing on the lack of logic behind this disaster. 

Personally, I think that anyone who supported this mess in any way shape or form should now be forced to endure it along with all its maniacal mandates while the rest of us are set free from its terrible tentacles.  After all, it’s everyone’s right to be as stupid as they want to be.  What isn’t OK though is when they think they are free to force their stupidity onto others without consequence.   The Left is in perpetual mode of attempting to gain control of the masses through any manner possible, whether it’s Obamacare, Global Warming, or any other bogus scam that they can dupe the gullible with.   It’s time for such people to pay for their own stupidity by forcing them, and them alone, to live under the very controls they attempt to place on others.  The grand rule of governance should be to never impose something on the masses in the “hope” that such a “change” MIGHT work.  Such changes should only be applied when we KNOW it will work.  Therefore, it’s time we force such idealist to become the guinea pigs of their own social experiments. 

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