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The bad numbers behind Obamacare Math 101

Posted by on November 12, 2013
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One of the issues I have with Liberals is that they can’t even explain the very things that they espouse.  For example, I still can’t find a single one willing to show me the math on exactly how they think Obamacare is supposed to work.  So rather than continuing to wait around in vain for a Liberal intelligent enough to teach me Obamacare Math 101 I’m going to show you some numbers myself to prove why I say it doesn’t work.  

Since there is a slight variance in plans from state to state I decided to go with California’s model as an example since it will most likely have one of the highest overall participation rates.  Also, with the supposed goal in mind that Obamacare is meant to provide insurance for those that are currently unable to provide insurance on their own we’ll go with the Bronze Plan.  After all, if you’re poor that’s all you’d be able to afford premiums for even under Obamacare.  For the sake of argument I’m even willing to go so far as to say that the family in the scenario I’m about to present is so poor that we’ll presume that their premiums will be fully subsidized so that we won’t have to haggle over what those real long term premium costs are going to look like.  In other words, while people are already freaking out over their new higher premiums, I’m moving on to the cost of the next step in Obamacare to freak you out even more. 

OK, so in our Bronze Plan scenario the first thing we notice is that it carries a $5,000 deductible.  The second thing we see is that it carries a 60/40 co-pay once the deductible has been met.  Finally we see that it has a $12,700 max annual out-of-pocket expenditure for a family plan.  So let’s put our plan to the test by assuming that in our family plan Little Suzy ends up having a severe ear infection and needs to see a Dr. and of course will also need some medicine to boot.  Well, under the Bronze Plan that $60 office visit (more if they’ve already used up their 3 allotted at that price for the year) along with those $40 worth of meds must first be covered under the deductible until their $5,000 threshold is met.  Well, under Obamacare Little Suzy’s parents now have insurance, but no money to meet their deductible.  So what do you think will happen to Little Suzy?  That’s right!  Sorry Little Suzy, but the family still has to eat and your issue isn’t quite an emergency yet, so you’re out of luck. 

But wait!  Let’s look even further at Suzy’s brother Little Johnny.  In Little Johnny’s case he comes down with a ruptured appendix.  OH, NO!!!  Well, in Little Johnny’s case we now have a full blown emergency so we have no choice but to take him to the ER.  Let’s hope we can find one that accepts Obamacare in time!  The costs to fix Little Johnny’s issue are another $10,000.  OUCH!  So what’s this going to cost our Bronze Plan family?  Well, with a $5,000 deductible and a 60/40 split on the remaining $5,000 surgery cost that means that Little Johnny’s parents (who we need to keep in mind are already poor) are now in the hole to the tune of $7,000 just for the surgery.  Since they still haven’t met their maximum annual out-of-pocket they will still be splitting any further medical cost the family encounters for Little Johnny’s recovery on that same 60/40 split for up to another $5,700.  So where is all of this money supposed to come from? 

What we see in essence is that under minor emergencies our Bronze Plan family basically still lacks any real insurance coverage advantage at all.  Therefore, Little Suzy still lacks the care she should be getting.  Furthermore, even in a mid level crisis they have far too little coverage to ward off the collection agencies and stay out of bankruptcy.  And even though this family has insurance to cover a catastrophic event, Obamacare is basically useless to them since they’d still be bankrupt.  All of this for the very people that Obamacare was supposed to help the most!  If you aren’t the poorest among us the financial scenario I just painted actually gets even worse since you will ultimately be covering all those excess costs I just described by having them embedded in your own outrageous premium.  That’s where the premium sticker shock has been coming from. 

Now I know the retort is that we would have basically been paying for them either way through Medicaid under the current system, so what makes the difference?  Well, the answer is that if you are going to completely change the dynamics of something as critical as healthcare then a “status quo” result ISN’T ACCEPTABLE!  The golden rule of politics is that if a policy can’t make things better from what you already have then DON’T DO IT!  Otherwise, you run the risk of provoking the unforeseen consequences of such actions just as we are now starting to realize. 

There you have it, just some of the bad numbers behind Obamacare Math 101.  It’s no wonder that I can’t get a single Liberal to come forward and explain it.  They’d look like fools for trying (even though they already look like fools for supporting it in the first place).  There’s a reason why a bill that’s taken almost 4 years to implement couldn’t even be afforded the promised 72 hour review period before it was passed.  So, if you still think it was a good idea to support Obamacare then all I can say is that you are stupid and you deserve an “F” in both Math as well as Logic 101.

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