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The Sticker Shock of Apathy

Posted by on November 27, 2013
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The biggest surprise that has suddenly freaked out the average Joe from the Left with the whole Obamacare debacle isn’t coming from the fact that Obama lied to them.  Heck, as liberals, lying has always been considered just part of the game.  Nor is it the sticker shock of the exorbitant premium and co-pay increases.  What has really caught the average Joe Lefty off guard is the unexpected reality that as they naively thought they were barely scraping by, in reality, Obama and his minions had pegged them as being part of “the evil rich”. 

The average Liberal never sees them self’s as being wealthy.  “Wealthy” is a title reserved for people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.  Therefore, it’s okay to stick it to them because the average Joe isn’t part of that group of elites.  In the Liberal mind it’s considered compassion by proxy.  It’s the old joke about Democrats being generous by reaching into someone else’s pocket to provide for their charitable giving.  The punch line is suddenly no longer funny now that they realize that they are the one’s whose pockets are about to be picked. 

Liberals love to rant incessantly about the greed and corruption of capitalism while totally ignoring the fact that governmental greed and corruption are far more insidious.  Not only is government greed far more overbearing and difficult to avoid, but as we can easily see with this administration, it is also far easier to avoid accountability by those who are corrupt.  How many CEO’s have you ever heard of that demanded complete control over everything, yet when malfeasance was exposed got by avoiding accountability simply by claiming ignorance? 

Liberals are naïve when they think that they no longer have to worry about their own well being because the government will now take care of them as promised.  What they fail to see is that under socialism it’s the state that is important, not the individual.  Therefore, the state, with its own ravenous greed, comes first.  You as an individual can either become a producer for the state by forking over your worth, or you can become expendable.  That’s why Obamacare has both mandates that sucker punch you with outrageous premiums as well as death panels for those that it views as a drag on the system. 

I’ve always defined stupidity as “ignorance by will”.  It’s one thing to not know the facts.  It’s another thing to ignore the facts all together.  Quite often that lack of will comes from Liberals who are too lazy to ask basic questions.  They figure that all they are required to do is ignore politics and let others deal with it.  However, as I’ve said many times before, just because you ignore politics doesn’t mean that politics will ignore you.  Liberals are easy prey to slick politicians on things like Obamacare and environmental causes simply because they sound “compassionately good” and as Liberals they lack the will to challenge such ideas.  The surprises of Obamacare have been bad enough.  However, what they don’t realize is that when it comes to things like the environment and quantitative easing they are about to be freaked out yet again by the sticker shock of their apathy.

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