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Boehner Rebuttal

Posted by on December 13, 2013
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It’s good to see that Speaker of the House John Boehner finally grew a pair and decided to jump into a real political fight.  It’s bad to see that he lacks the brains to understand who his real opponent should be.  John sucked it up to the media going after conservative groups as if we didn’t understand what exactly was going on because we hadn’t read the bill yet.  What John doesn’t understand is that we are well versed enough to already know what his crew is thinking long before he even thinks it.  Want proof? 

Here is an excerpt from the book I wrote 2 ½ years ago explaining the Republican budgetary strategy: 

Another parlor trick the Left loves to employ and our leaders on the Right have yet to figure out has to do with the whole budgetary process. Every year Congress has a Constitutional mandate to pass an annual budget along with a 10 year “forecast” budget. If you watch the Left closely what they like to do is mess with Republicans on the forecast budget. They will merrily pass whatever Republicans want as part of the 10 year budget because they are smart enough to realize almost none of it is binding. Here’s how it plays out. Democrats will ask for a tax increase. Republicans will ask for spending cuts. The compromise will be we end up with the tax increase right away as part of the annual budget, and the spending cuts get spread out over the remaining balance of the 10 year budget. Of course what happens in reality is that because the cuts are part of the 10 year forecast budget instead of the annual budget, they aren’t binding and get usurped by next years budget. Could someone PLEASE explain this to the Republican leadership! 

Had the bill finally been published and proven us all wrong you would have had a valid point.  However, what actually proved out once we did get a chance to see this latest bill is that you had employed the very same failed strategy that I had already described several years ago.  So you see, we aren’t the ones who are lacking in any real credibility, you are.  Or to shout it back in your own vernacular, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”

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