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Re-defining Offended

Posted by on December 18, 2013
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There are those who are, pardon the pun, hell bent on removing all aspects of religion from our public schools for fear that someone might accidently get offended.  Personally, I find such inane and downright absurd arguments to be both sadly humorous and highly hypocritical in nature.  Contrary to what most people believe, the term “separation of church and state” doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the Constitution.  Nonetheless, this commentary isn’t about giving anyone a lesson in the Constitution. 

What this commentary is about is taking away what the Left feels is their right to define the ground rules for determining that which constitutes “offensive”, a term which they then wield as a political sword in much the same manner as they wield terms like “racist” or “extremist”.  If the secular factions of liberalism are going to force us to concern ourselves with the potential hurt feelings from such simplistic experiences as the mere sight of a religious symbol at school then I have an alternate experience that I find just as offensive which should also be addressed as rigorously.  That experience is the forced exposure to political agendas being perpetrated in our schools.  If we are going to be required to take all hints of religion out of our public schools then we should also be taking away all hints of the political agendas that the Left likes to force on our children as well. 

That’s right.  If you think you’re offended by my cross well then I’ve got news for you.  I’m just as offended by your lame rhetoric that you’re preaching to my children about stupid politically driven concepts such as global warming and gun control.  If you think you have a right to take away all hints of my theology then I also reserve the right to take away all hints of your ideology.  After all, the issue of being offended is the same regardless of the “why” concept related to the claim.  Therefore, you have no better excuse for a “cease and desist” demand than I do. 

This means no more viewing of such idiocies as Al Gore’s grossly inaccurate waste of celluloid known as “An Inconvenient Truth”.  No more suspending kids for posing their fingers, or biting Pop Tarts, into the shape of guns.  No more suspending 6 year olds for sexual harassment simply because they hugged their teacher.  No more proselytizing the virtues of redistribution over the sins of capitalism from the chalkboard pulpit.  And most of all, no more having our children singing songs of praise to the “anointed one” that are reminiscent of a Hitler Youth program. 

The reality is that the reason the Left wants to nullify religion all together has nothing to do with who might be offended.  What it has to do with is the concept that religion recognizes a higher power than the state.  Therefore, religion by default becomes a direct threat to the control of the state.  In essence the elite liberal leadership doesn’t mind you having faith as long as that faith is in them as your ultimate Supremes.  What those same Supremes can’t handle is a dissent of that faith.  That’s the very reason liberal elitists must maintain an almost cult-like control over the masses starting from childhood through our educational system.  Ideas such as Common Core represent nothing more than a direct expansion of that control packaged neatly inside an innocent sounding agenda. 

The Left has recently been dismayed by the reality that Obama is no deity, or as Barbara Walters put it “not the next Messiah after all”.  However, the Left will never give up their effort of promoting the worship of the state over the worship of God.  While it’s just as true that not wearing a cross for 8 hours isn’t going to cost anyone their salvation anymore than not being able to discuss politics during the school day would cost anyone their invite to the next DNC convention.  The difference that comes into play which ultimately helps religion prevail over the statist is that religion doesn’t have to rely on public facilities to be effective.  After all, I don’t know of too many kids that have ever been baptized in a public school building.   However, history has shown that liberalism can’t exist without the long term indoctrination affects brought on by educational brain washing.  So the truth is that left wing ideologues have far more at stake in what is taking place in our schools than simply feeling offended.

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