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The Brilliant Simplicity

Posted by on January 8, 2014
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Shortly after John Boehner was elected as Speaker of the House I attended a meeting with his then Chief of Staff Mick Krieger where he specifically asked what the Tea Party’s expectations were going to be regarding Boehner’s new position.  My response at the time was simple.  Since we knew the Republican’s only controlled the House of Representatives that meant they didn’t have the numbers to exert their will.  Therefore, we didn’t have any realistic expectations that Republican’s could pass any legislation of their own.  However, since the Tea Party isn’t even about creating policy, it’s about defending liberty, what we did expect was that Boehner and the Republican led House could at least block any future liberty eroding legislation like Obamacare or Cap & Trade.  So if Obama wants to blame a specific person for being the one to push the House into being “nothing but a bunch of obstructionist”, he can feel free to blame me.  Or as I see it, I’ll gladly claim part of the credit for it along with the rest of the Tea Party. 

Regardless of what the talking heads in the media keep saying it’s not the current job of Boehner and the Republicans to offer up solutions on how to fix things right now since they don’t have the numbers to pass anything they would offer up anyway.  Doing so at this point would only provide cannon fodder to a mocking media where Republican’s would be wasting even more time defending their own policies instead of doing what they should be doing which is attacking Obama’s misguided failures.  Besides, at this point defining a future policy platform is a role best left up to the next presidential contender the Republicans offer up anyway. 

Instead, Boehner’s current role as Speaker should be to publicly demand answers as to how any of Obama and his minion’s proposed policies are expected to work.  For example, any fool can stand in front of a microphone and declare that we need to feed the hungry, but that’s not compassion because it fails to also explain HOW you plan to feed them in a practical manner.  Using the power of government to promote compassionate ideas that lack logic is better known as corruption.  Therefore, to put this in sports parlance, John needs to stop playing defense for a change and start playing a bit of offense by demanding that Obama start defending the numbers behind his own ideas. 

Here’s a simplistic example to help the Speaker get started in his new line of questioning.  Obama gave his speech yesterday on the compassion of extending unemployment benefits by another 3 months.  Well, if the liberal focus is on compassion instead of logic and 3 months is compassionate, wouldn’t that by extension make 6 months even more compassionate, or 12, or better yet, why not show the maximum compassion by making it an open ended extension that goes on ad infinitum?  Instead of trying to explain why adding more benefits can actually cause more harm than good, John should be asking Obama why he is demanding such a small number based on his own reasoning.   In addition, Boehner should also be asking Obama questions on things like taxes and minimum wages.  If a 40% tax rate is supposed to be fairer than 35% than shouldn’t 50% be even fairer still?  So why stop there?  Why not expose their true agenda by making it their theoretical “fairest” of all at 100%?  Why is $15/hour the correct “living wage” instead of $20, or $50, or $1,000/hour?  Make Obama and his own left leaning demon cohorts pinpoint exactly what the correct numbers should be on these subjects once and for all instead of allowing them to control the conversation through a tactic that is mere numeric whimsy. 

The point is that liberals have a long history of using arbitrary numbers to define their version of things like “compassion” and “fairness” only to then wield those numbers as a weapon against conservatives simply by convincing the mindless that conservatives are evil because they didn’t come up with an even larger arbitrary number themselves.  What they don’t do (because they can’t) is give a logical explanation as to where those numbers are even coming from that allows them to be defined as the correct numbers in the first place.  It’s time for conservatives to stop allowing them to get away with this sham.  Since Boehner currently holds the biggest possible soap box as Speaker, it’s his job to start demanding that liberals explain themselves.  Liberalism is an evil that is easy to defeat.  Logically, it can neither defend its own past nor explain its own future.  Its very existence explains why politics isn’t always about what you promise to do.  Often it’s about what you promise to prevent from happening.  That’s the true brilliance behind the Tea Party.  If the Republican party ever wants to get back to its own original roots it needs to discover the reality of that brilliance by understanding that it isn’t always about having all the right answers.  Sometimes brilliance is simply about showing a willingness to ask the right questions.

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