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The Great Surrender

Posted by on January 19, 2014
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I’ve decided after much thought and soul searching that I’m finally willing to surrender myself to the brain dead mantras coming from the Left.  However, before I take such a dramatic step there are a few demands that need to be met first.  They are as follows:


  • I’m willing to concede that there needs to be more fairness in the world….as long as it is I, not liberals, that gets to define exactly what constitutes fairness as well as what gets redistributed to make a truly “fair” society.
  • I’m willing to surrender all of my weapons……but I reserve the right to go LAST in doing so. 
  • I’m willing to blind myself (metaphorically) to anything that might possibly cause me in any way, shape, or form to create a discriminatory or hateful atmosphere against anyone.  This includes such arbitrary things as race, sex, religion, orientation, heritage, eye color, or even bra size (if that’s what it takes)…….just as long as everyone else is willing to join me.  That means organizations like the NAACP, GLAAD, and NOW, which all make a habit out of pointing out such differences, will necessarily have to be abolished in order for a true universal blindness to take affect.
  • I’m willing to acknowledge whatever potential environmental issues you feel are a genuine threat to this spaceship we call Earth (global warming, global cooling, deforestation, reforestation, or even the excessive use of pine tar in baseball)……just as long as I, not liberals, get to be the one to determine what the proper course of action to address each issue should be.
  • I’m willing to concede that unions have the potential to be a good thing… long as the Left acknowledges that they can also be a bad thing.  The resulting compromise must be that anyone who wishes to join a union may do so freely, but closed shops are forever banned.
  • I’m willing to allow for discussions on important topics like politics, sex, and religion in our public schools…..but only as long as it can be guaranteed to be handled in a truly fair and even handed manner instead of as the bully pulpit that is currently brainwashing our children.
  • I’m willing to accept a raise in the minimum wage laws to a “living wage” level……as long as the workers can prove that they are earning it.  It is only reasonable to expect that if we are doubling employee wages for the good of employees that we should also expect a corresponding doubling of effort for the good of the business.
  • I’m willing to concede that there are corrupt corporations.  I’m even willing to go after those executives in which there exists enough evidence to indict……as long as the solution to such corruption isn’t to provide even more power to an even more corrupt government as a replacement.
  • I’m even willing to go along with abortion… long as the destruction of life itself is outlawed, and we use my definition of when life begins.


The problem with the Left is that they think that they have the sole privilege of determining exactly what should be considered wrong as well as the sole authority to be put in charge of making it right.  In reality, I have no intention of willingly turning over anything to anybody that can’t logically prove, explain, or defend their case, cause, or cure.  The price paid for my freedom has been far too high for me to willingly surrender it to a false whim of compassion being sold as some sort of guilt for “not caring”.  As I’ve said before, any fool can tell us we need to feed the hungry, but they haven’t really explained anything until they’ve defined who should qualify and how to do it in a practical manner.  So far the Left hasn’t really explained anything on any subject! 

Liberalism is nothing but a naked power grab based on bad logic, falsely masked by good intentions, and sold to the perpetually stupid who are too lazy to ask even basic questions about the mantras they obey.  Okay, so what I’m saying here is that I’m willing to call liberalism’s bluff.  Just because someone claims they’ve identified an issue doesn’t automatically mean it is a real issue.  Nor does it qualify them as having the best solutions.   In truth, if liberalism really does care the way Liberals claim than the last thing they should be concerning themselves with is where the solutions are coming from as long as they are coming from somewhere.  Therefore, they should have no objection to putting a conservative in charge of determining those solutions.  Or to put this in more direct terms, if liberals really do “care” then they need to prove it by surrendering to me instead.

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