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The Greed of Socialism

Posted by on January 26, 2014
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Liberals love to bash the evil greed of capitalism.  However, the greediest people I know are those that espouse the ideas of socialism.  Granted, many of those that preach such a message are either too brain dead or brain washed to even understand that the message they are preaching is in fact socialism.  Instead, they brainlessly regurgitate what they are told under the false belief that their message is not based on ideology, but “compassion” and “fairness”.  If you challenge them logically to explain or defend their message their only response is one of bitter resentment of the challenger simply because they can’t.  It explains why Liberals hate the Tea Party so much.  Our real message is about challenging the greed of socialism that comes from an ever bigger government. 

What makes those preaching the socialist message so greedy can be found in the truth behind why they are preaching such a message in the first place.  It’s not really about compassion or fairness.  After all, how many socialist have you ever known to purposefully overpay their own taxes so that the government can do more good with that money elsewhere?  Do you really think socialists like Matt Damon, George Soros, Al Gore, or Jane Fonda really cares about fairness while sitting on their huge piles of personal wealth?  In truth, they preach such a message simply because they expect to get something out of socialism in return.   Liberals either plan on assuming the role of the ruling elites (I defy you to show me a socialist society that doesn’t have an elite ruling class), or they assume that they will be on the receiving end of any sort of redistribution.  Liberals willingly ignore the poor math behind their socialist message as they greedily embrace its false promises instead. 

It amazes me how many Liberals were shocked to discover that under Obamacare they were about to become the forced “givers” to their own socialist sermon.  When Obama was preaching that everyone would see their insurance premiums decrease by $2,500 a year, they foolishly bought into such a ruse without ever asking him to show the math.  Now that they realize that their premiums are instead skyrocketing to cover benefits for others they are suddenly outraged.  Never in a million years did they suspect that it was their own wealth that was designated for redistribution.  That’s why every time I see a Liberal whining about how they were lied to it makes me laugh.  In truth, they were simply caught up in a trap built by their own foolish greed. 

It’s both greed and envy to continually point out the wealth of people like Wal-Mart’s Walton family when that wealth in no way curtails your own ability to generate your own.  It’s pure greed to expect others to pay for your burdens simply because they possess more than you.  The truth is it’s greedy to demand that the minimum wage be doubled to some sort of arbitrary “living wage” rate without also expecting a corresponding doubling of output from the beneficiaries of such a raise.  Socialist greedily love to discuss the disparity of wealth, but never like to discuss the disparity of things like effort, risk, or sacrifice. 

Liberals love to preach about how we need to destroy the greed of the evil capitalist corporations.  What they totally neglect to see is the even more nefarious greed that comes from governments that are destined to fill the void created by doing so.  At least greedy corporations produce something in return.  Greedy governments produce nothing but more greed.  Eventually socialism always implodes upon itself simply because its ravenous ever increasing appetite most be continually fed.  History has proven time and time again that those who mindlessly preach the socialist message eventually realize that their utopian idea of a free lunch isn’t so free after all.  Unfortunately, just like with Obamacare that realization usually happens when it’s too late.

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