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Taken From Within

Posted by on April 15, 2014
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This may come as a surprise to the Left but most Tea Party members are not big fans of anarchy.  We strongly believe that there is a need to have legal standards to prevent chaos and maintain order in a civil society.  Not everyone is going to agree with every law, but that’s why the best method of ensuring adherence is to have both the laws and the enforcement of laws that make the most logical sense.  We are also not big fans of having people taking the law into their own hands, preferring instead to have legal issues adjudicated in proper fashion.  However, what do you do when it’s the very people sworn to uphold the law that assume the role of the criminals?  Furthermore, what do you do when it’s the criminals who also happen to be in charge of adjudication?  Historically speaking it’s not a lack of control, but the application of excessive government control that ultimately creates the environment that so often leads to anarchy. 

Eric Holder may well be the point of the spear when it comes to not only acting as the enabler, but also as the guardian of government abuse.  Even though it’s obvious what has happened to conservative groups under the scrutiny of the IRS, there is basically a zero chance of Holder’s Justice Department pursuing it in any real fashion. However, Holder is just one of many in such a position that must be contended with when it comes to seeking justice against the government.  For example, we now know that one of the very people leading the committee that is supposed to be doing the investigation into the IRS scandal, Elijah Cummings, also happens to be one of the original instigators.  So how do you seek justice when it can only be obtained if the devil is willing to condemn himself? 

In the recent Bundy Ranch case there are issues not just legally, but also logically.  To put it simply, the Feds lacked a logical argument for being there in the first place.  The very excuse for why they were there, protecting the desert turtle, was based a totally bogus premise.  It was a blatant lie!  In reality, the desert turtle which was supposedly at risk has lived in a peaceful coexistence with cattle on that very ranch for almost 150 years so they were hardly in any danger.  In fact, the overpopulation of these very turtles has even led to a government euthanasia program.  Furthermore, the land in question wasn’t even federal land, but state land, so any references to past due grazing payments should have been a state matter with no BLM involvement whatsoever. 

Where things went WAY off the logical chart came from the excessively blatant bully tactics employed by the government to get its way.  Think about it for a second.  Our federal government sent in 200 heavily armed agents just to take on a herd of 400 grazing cattle.  Talk about overkill!  So what’s next, using Navy destroyers to protect sea turtles?  It’s appalling illogical to realize that at a time when we’re being told all government resources are being stretched to the hilt to find that we’re wasting resources chasing down what is eventually destined to be converted into Big Macs and T-bone steaks.  As a friend suggested, perhaps we should have labeled them as “undocumented bovines” and labeled anyone who threatened them as a bunch of “cattlephobic haters”.  That way the Feds would have not only left them alone, but would also provide them with EBT cards and signed them up for Obamacare. 

The problem with both the IRS case and the Bundy case is that these are by no means the only such cases that have reared their ugly heads recently.  The government has infamously played a heavy hand at times against its own citizens going all the way back to Wounded Knee.  However, lately we’ve been witnessing an ever increasing weaponization of government agencies both from a political usage standpoint, as well as an actual arms standpoint.  Can someone please give me a logical explanation as to why such departments as The Social Security Administration or The National Weather Service are in dire need of hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition?   Is there some secret plan to keep social security solvent by picking off our elderly?  Is the plan to threaten global warming away at the point of a gun?  What gives? 

If someone would have asked me a decade ago whether or not I could ever envision the collapse of the greatest nation on earth through such tyrannical control I would have simply snickered and called them a delusional alarmist.  However, in today’s environment I can appreciate the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln even more.  To paraphrase this great man’s thoughts:  America can never be taken from the outside.  However, when we willfully ignore the misdeeds of bad governance we will find ourselves taken from within.

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