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Confessions of a Hater

Posted by on May 21, 2014
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As a part time political pundit I have a decent sized following.  Along with a loyal base of fans I also have a loyal base of critics who are always on the ready with their rebuttals from the opposing viewpoint.  Often times these rebuttals include suggestions for specific activities they feel I should be performing on myself.  Admittedly such activities would seem somewhat physically impossible at this stage of life.  Perhaps in my more limber youth…..but I digress. J Along with these suggestions typically are included descriptives they believe I’ve earned through my opinions which are generally reserved for such things as a person’s posterior region.   There are times when I find myself somewhat in agreement with their assessment depending on the topic du jour.  This is especially true after I’ve just been on a rant about the absolute stupidity behind such left wing luminaries as Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, or Harry Reid. 

However, there is one label in particular that I have to admit I not only agree with, but actually relish.  The label that I’m referring to is the one in which I’m called a “hater”.  Most people would cringe at the concept of being called a hater which is exactly why the Left likes to wield the term like a political sword against the opposition.  They like to play off the Right’s inane fear of not being liked or being called names in general.  I have no such fear.  I come from the belief that I’d much rather be right than liked.  After all, even in biblical times the followers of Christ were smart enough to accept scorn over populism. 

Most people would think it odd that I willingly accept the label of hater, but that’s because most people can’t seem to think for themselves.  One of the greatest deceptions of both the devil and liberals is that the sinner and the sin are inexorably intertwined.  Therefore, they would like for people to believe that to have disdain for one automatically infers a disdain for the other.  Conversely, you can only accept the sinner if you’re willing to also accept the sin.  This explains why Liberals went all bonkers over Phil Robinson declaring his personal belief that homosexuality is a sin.  Liberals automatically labeled him a hater while purposefully ignoring the rest of his statement about also believing that it is important to “love the sinner regardless of the sin”. 

When people hear the term “hater” the media has brainwashed the public into automatically assuming the worst in that it means a hater automatically hates people.  So to the Left if a person hates abortion it must automatically infer that they also hate the women who have abortions.  If a person thinks illegal immigration is wrong then to the Left it infers that you must hate all Hispanics.  If a person hates to see people fail to put forth their best effort to better their own lives then it can only mean that they must hate the poor in general.  In reality, such a concept represents a weak intellectual argument that should only work on the weak minded. 

The reason that I relish the moniker of hater isn’t because I hate people, but because I hate many of the stupid concepts and ideas such as the hater principle that provide false narratives.  For example; I hate the idea of someone telling me “the debate has been settled” without providing any real evidence to explain their case (i.e. global warming or Benghazi).  I hate hearing someone espousing stupidity (like Obamacare) without having even the slightest ability to explain their own position.  I hate being told to shut up and sit down when I ask questions of those attempting to use their agenda to control my life.  I hate watching anyone with authority refuse to take responsibility or be held accountable for their misdeeds.  I hate being lied to, but even worse I hate that people are so willing to accept the lies without question.  And I especially hate that we as a people are so willing to squander our inheritance of such a great nation and put our posterity in peril for the mere promise of table scraps from some socialist master’s hand.  I hate that people can’t see that as God created miracles we are meant to be better than mere slaves to some earth bound elitist pseudo deity. 

Yes, I’m a hater and I’m proud of it.  When judgment day arrives I figure I’ll have plenty to be held accountable for all on my own.  What I don’t need is the additional burden of trying to explain to my Maker why I chose to ignore the difference between right and wrong merely to avoid some label inscribed by people that generally speaking don’t even know me.  Therefore, rather than cowering from such a weapon of words I chose to take that weapon away by embracing their moniker through explanation rather than surrendering to it out of fear.  Yes, I am a hater because I hate those things that are illogical, agenda driven, and are destined to stifle the human race from realizing its fullest potential rather than propelling it forward.  So you see, in reality I can easily explain why I’m a hater.  The real question is why aren’t you?

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