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Last Man Standing

Posted by on June 16, 2014
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It would be far easier to explain the logic behind common core math than it would be to explain what on God’s green Earth the logic is behind Obama’s foreign policies related to the Middle East.  Whether you agreed with Bush’s policies or not, at least they were somewhat coherent.  To say that Obama’s policies are a bit befuddled doesn’t even begin to cover the chaos and confusion he’s created.  It doesn’t help that his past tags for Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, would be lucky to even find the Middle East on a map let alone have a clue about how to solve issues there. 

So let’s take a look at just how incoherent Obama’s policies have been so far.  Keep in mind that this all comes from the same bipolar nitwit that claimed Bush didn’t have authority to go to Iraq even though he had Congressional approval and 16 U.N. resolutions, yet he himself went into Libya without even bothering to ask anyone’s permission.  In the Middle East Obama doesn’t like Russian backed Syrian Strong man Bashir Assad, nor does he like Iran or Al Qaeda.  So when rebels stood up against Assad he put his backing behind those rebels which are made up primarily from the group ISIS, which by the way also happens to be made up of Sunni Muslims from the group Al Qaeda (you remember them, the same group that attacked us on 9/11). 

So Obama is now supporting the very same people who attacked us, right?  Well, yes and no.  You see he fully supports them right up until they cross over the border from Syria into Iraq where they are now fighting the Iraqi government that we put in place and which happens to be made up mainly of Shi’ites who are being backed by our other enemy Iran.  So currently we are supporting ISIS on the Syrian side of the border while at the same time we are poised to fight against them on the Iraqi side of the border.  In order to do that we would now be forced to team up with the very Iranians that we are currently battling everywhere else.  If this all makes since so far you need to have your head examined.  Since Obama can’t decide who is friend and who is foe he has managed to single handedly add an entirely new word to the English language, “Frenemies”.  It’s no wonder it’s far easier for everyone over there to simply go ahead and hate us regardless of which side we claim to support simply so as not to be confused by our policies. 

The easiest brain dead response you’ll get from the Left defending Obama’s policies is that this is all Bush’s fault, except it isn’t and here’s why.  Obama and Kerry already took a victory lap on Iraq declaring that they were the ones who brought peace and stability to the region.  That means that any new conflicts that are now arising have been borne out of the peace and stability that Obama and Kerry declared.  Thus this is now totally on them because, after all, taking credit has consequences.  It’s also important to remember that it was Obama who backed Maliki as the new Iraqi President and it was Maliki who decided to abandon the Sunni part of his army by not bothering to pay them. This is the exact same part of the army that just melted away when their brethren Sunni’s from ISIS showed up in places like Mosul.  That’s why it’s actually easy to understand why ISIS was able to make so much headway so quickly in Iraq up until they reached the Shi’ite controlled areas near Baghdad

Iraq is by no means Obama’s only Middle East blunder.  Remember, we just sent 5 high ranking Taliban terrorist back to the battlefront in Afghanistan in exchange for one lone traitor.  This means we’ve embolden our enemies to seek out further hostages for trade.  In addition the death of four brave men from the embassy in Benghazi represents bloodstains on Obama’s hands no matter how hard the press tries to ignore it.  Also, don’t forget the Iranians are now but a mere whisker’s width away from having their own nukes and Israel is currently feeling like an abandoned child amid all the chaos surrounding them. 

The reality is that the Sunni’s and Shi’ites have been waging a religious war against each other for more than a millennium with no end in sight.  All we can really do for now is thank God that Bush did manage to get most of the WMDs out of the area before it all blew up.  At this point there are only two reasons why we should even care about the Middle East (Israel and oil).  Therefore, our foreign policy should be simple.  We should setup a security zone around Israel to protect it and start pumping our own oil for which we have more than enough of ASAP.  In the mean time we should let these morons go ahead and destroy each other.  We shouldn’t waste anymore American blood or treasure by showing up there again until all we have to deal with is whoever happens to be the last man standing.

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