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The Truth of Ferguson

Posted by on August 17, 2014
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Contrary to what both the media and the race baiting glory hounds that jump in front of any microphone they can find to stoke the fires of racial tension would like for us to believe what’s been going on in Ferguson, MO has nothing to do with racism (at least not in the conventional sense).  In fact, just like what we saw with Trayvon Martin, what actually happened between Michael Brown and the officer involved turns out to be the least relevant part of this whole story in as far as the media is concerned.  Before I tell you what’s really going on let’s go over a few simple facts: 

  • Just like with Trayvon Martin we now know for certain that Michael Brown wasn’t anything like the “gentle giant” being portrayed by the media.  After all, it’s hard to be confused with a cherub when you’re caught on video 10 minutes prior to being shot doing a strong armed robbery.
  • We know that this isn’t about justice for anyone.  After all, how can you claim you’re seeking justice when you are rioting not just before you have ALL the facts, but before you have ANY of the facts?  When your key witness also happens to be the suspect’s accomplice and it’s his testimony against an officer with 6 years on the force and a spotless record who should you logically believe?  Besides, how do you explain the cuts and bruises on the officer or the fact that the gun was fired from inside the patrol car if there wasn’t a struggle?
  • This case isn’t about fighting to protect our inner city youths from random acts of violence.  If that were true the riots wouldn’t be in Ferguson.  Instead they’d be in Chicago where there were 1,115 shootings (mostly black on black) in just the first 6 months of 2014.
  • This case isn’t about the violence associated with simply being poor and downtrodden.  After all, I grew up in Appalachia where basically everyone is poor and we didn’t riot in the streets on a whim to protest our plight.  We were smart enough to understand the basic logic that if you burn down the local grocery store that simply means you have to travel a lot further the next time you need groceries.

So what is this story that has sucked all the oxygen out of all other stories in the media about?  Simple!  It’s liberalism on parade in its true form.  In the book I wrote 3 years ago I described how liberalism actually works.  First you create as many diverse groups as you can conceive of (this is why we now live in a hyphenated society).  Next, you convince each of these groups that they are somehow being victimized by some mystically evil faceless force (like the boogey man in their closet, or Dick Cheney).  Finally, you convince them that if they were to pledge to you their blind faith and allegiance you and you alone as their leader can deliver them to nirvana.  So, what about if you fail?  Well, that’s just “the man” (i.e. the Koch brothers) keeping you down. 

It’s easy to see how this all gets put into practice.  Look at just a few of the diverse groups that are currently wearing the “victim” moniker:  Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, Muslims, left handed red heads with pigeon toes.  The list goes on and on, but the narrative is always the same.  You’ve been victimized therefore your life isn’t your fault.  The fact that Michael Brown had just committed a felony should be ignored in all of this simply because in some form or manner his actions were the justifiable traits of a victim, not a perpetrator. 

At this point, and we’ve already heard it, the liberal counter has been that $50 worth of cigars weren’t worth a man’s life.  However, even if this case were actually about what happened it isn’t about cigars.  It’s about the facts of what actually transpired between Brown and the officer.  Since there isn’t any collaborating audio or video then it all boils down to the credibility behind each version of accounts and how the evidence supports each version.  It should never boil down to how an overzealous media portrays things.  It should never be about accusations based on political strategy over truth. 

There are a lot of questions that still lack answers.  However, there are many questions that are easy to answer.  Should Brown have been shot if he were actually surrendering with his hands in the air?  No!  Should he have been shot if he were attacking the officer inside his patrol car as evidence currently suggests?  Yes!  Should the media stop reporting sensationalized and emotional hype and start reporting actual facts?  Yes!  Should the race baiters stop inciting mobs over racism until there is actual proof of racism?  Yes!  Should Obama spend more time worrying about things like a marine trapped in Mexico and leave this issue to local authorities?  Yes! 

In my book I suggested that the best way to defeat the victimhood mentality of liberalism is to rid ourselves of the hyphen.  We should stop portraying ourselves in the hyphenated format that divides us as a people (i.e. African-American, Asian-American, Native-American, etc.) and instead go with the simple moniker that unites us (American).  Then and only then can we find true equality.  Then and only then can we take control of our own lives and finally shed ourselves from the idea that we are all just victims of those lives.  Then and only then will we be able to focus on the facts instead of the politics behind such tragedies.

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