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The ServePro President and the Doppelganger Democrats

Posted by on August 27, 2014
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During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns Obama and the Democrats were given a lot of credit for using technology as a platform to reach out to younger voters and rightly so.  Democratic strategist saw the potential weaponry of technology and social media and jumped out ahead of the curve in utilizing them as such.  Good for them.  However, as good of a sword as technology was at helping them defeat Republicans and win elections (at least until the slow motion Republicans finally get caught up) what Democrats forgot is that swords tend to have two edges.  Obama was quick to use one edge to aid him in his own elections, but now he, along with his Democratic minions, are getting sliced to pieces by the other edge of that sword.

 What Obama and his media cohorts forgot is that this same technology has muted their own influence in creating media messages.  Social media can report on things at an instant thus far outpacing the time slot based traditional media to the punch of reporting on events.  This means that not only does The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC not get to create a White House directed narrative anymore since they are now relegated to responding to instead of reporting on events, but they aren’t even most peoples main source of news at all anymore.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at their latest ratings.  Democrats forgot that even though they can use social media, it’s not so easy to control it.

 However, there’s an even bigger issue that Obama still can’t seem to fathom that is shredding him and his image to bits.  The mainstream media has historically protected Obama by being able to control his image.  What Obama can’t seem to understand is that they can no longer perform that role and he is proving to be his own worst enemy every time he speaks.  Obama still wants to consider himself to be the ServePro President.  Basically, he says things to his base and then says something completely different out in public “like it never even happened”.  He, along with his fellow Democrats, still haven’t figured out that as national figures ANYTIME you say something there is ALWAYS someone there to both recording it verbatim as well as fact check it instantly against reality.

 For Obama to say things in a speech that are blatantly false makes him look either completely inept or completely out of touch with reality.  For him to say that Obamacare isn’t designed as an evolving healthcare system destined to morph into a single payer system when he has already been recorded at a union meeting saying exactly that is an easily provable lie.  For him to say that he’s not attacking the coal industry after he’s already been recorded on a radio show stating that he would bankrupt the industry is beyond simple deceit.  For him to say that it wasn’t his idea to pull out of Iraq after he’s already been recorded saying all along that it was his exact intent (and even taking a victory lap on the idea) is downright delusional.  Democrats have yet to figure out that recordings don’t lie, but politicians do.

 The toughest job in the world has to belong to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.  He’s tasked with the monumentally insane job of attempting to convince the masses that all those recordings of Democrats saying all those absolutely stupid things that they must later deny aren’t actually real.  Instead, they are the recorded product of some evil group of democratic doppelgangers most likely brought forth by virtue of a Koch Brothers séance.  Sadly, to the non-thinking Left it’s actually easier to accept some bizarre voodoo plot than it is to admit to their own stupidity for believing such hype in the first place.

 The democratic political strategy has always been based on denial.  Simply put, they’ll say whatever they want to excite their own base, but if you can’t prove they said it then you either misquoted them, or they take the ServePro route and act like it never even happened.  The problem is that the very technology that they so eagerly embraced to win elections is now becoming their own worst enemy.  It’s hard to paint the opposition as the demons now that all the opposition has to do is play back your own words to expose the truth.  Democrats were right in figuring out that technology has the potential to change the political landscape.   Now if only they could only convince the public that doppelgangers actually exist.

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