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Liberals Really ARE Stupid

Posted by on November 12, 2014
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Liberals hate the fact that I’m constantly calling them stupid, but not nearly as much as I hate the fact that they ARE stupid.  In reality I’m not really calling them stupid as much as I’m simply pointing it out.  On the other hand Obamacare chief architect Jonathon Gruber has been caught on video multiple times admitting that the Obamacare bill was nothing but a big fat mathematical lie that was purposefully written with convoluted language in order to play on the stupidity of the American voter (read stupid Liberals).  While Conservatives didn’t fall for such a ridiculous hoax and voted against it, those who voted for Obama and his Democratic cronies that passed this amongst their other horrible bills have proven Gruber right.  Liberals are stupid! 

Liberals like to call me mean for pointing out their idiocy.  In reality it’s those very same stupid Liberals who are actually the mean ones.  After all, if I call someone a name they don’t like (regardless of the truth behind it) the worst that can happen is some hurt feelings.  Conversely, those who voted for Obama and his agenda have done far more damage to innocent people than I could ever dream of. 

For example, let’s take a look at the absolute stupidity of granting this administration so much power over the EPA and the energy markets.  Only a complete moron would buy into the whole global warming hype and grant so much power to such deviants without ever questioning the truth behind the sermon they were preaching.  To the average Liberal their reasoning has always been damn the consequences as long as I can feel good about myself for “caring”.  Heaven forbid they ever look at the long term affect of such stupidity (hence why I refer to Liberals in my book as “one step forward thinkers”).  Now that the evidence strongly suggests that global warming has been nothing but a great big lie just like Obamacare it’s the very same indigent people that Liberals claim to care so much about that are about to suffer the consequences of such lunacy. 

Let’s take a look at Massachusetts to see just how bad those consequences are about to become.  Because of the EPA’s curtailing of coal and gas fired electric production facilities in order to curb carbon emission on a problem that doesn’t even exist electric demand is now greater than our ability to supply it through cheaper means thus causing the price to go through the roof.  National Grid, the main default electric distributor for Massachusetts just got a massive rate hike approved in order to offset the cost of providing electricity to the state.  For residential consumers the hike was 37% (or $33/month for the average consumer).  This means that for as much as Liberals claim to care about “starving Grandmas” they allowed their stupidity to slap Grandma with an additional $33/month in extra expenses needlessly.  If that’s what “caring” looks like I think Grandma would probably prefer apathy.  This hike isn’t based on corporate greed.  It’s based on liberal stupidity. 

But wait, it gets worse!  The average rate for non-residential energy for that same market has basically doubled.  At this point anyone with at least ½ a brain (thus obviously precluding Liberals) knows that businesses don’t actually pay things like taxes and energy.  Instead they are either able to pass those costs on to consumers in the form of higher prices or they go out of business and take their jobs with them.  So the real net cost to Grandma isn’t just $33/month, but far higher as the cost of basically everything else she spends her meager fixed income on goes up in unison.  I hope if you’re a Liberal you’re starting to feel a bit queasy by now for your misdeeds.  Massachusetts isn’t on its own when it comes to soaring energy prices.  We are starting to see similar rate hikes appearing all across the nation thanks to those that were so willing to accept lies over reality. 

The failed stimulus package saddled every man, woman, and child with an additional $3,000 in debt for an idea that it was easy to see was doomed from the beginning.  With Obamacare Liberals claim that more people now have health insurance than before.  OH REALLY!  Try doing the math on using it.  Forget the skyrocketing premiums.  The average bronze plan has a $5,000 deductible and a 60/40 co-pay which means you’ll either be dead or have already filed for bankruptcy long before you ever see the first dime of benefits.  The use of food sources to produce the failed product ethanol has caused food prices to soar.  All of these costly ideas were based solely on the stupidity of liberalism and those who support it.  In essence it has all been based on lousy policies brought forth from politicians who were voted in by Liberals who, as their own Jonathon Gruber put it, were too stupid to know the difference.

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