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This Is Who I AM

Posted by on April 30, 2015
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I am a middle aged white Christian conservative male.  To the average liberal that makes me the equivalent of the devil with a receding hairline (at least for those liberals that believe in a hereafter).  Since the demographics that I fall into apparently only fit into the narrative that I MUST be pure evil where I hate everyone and everything and therefore I am to be labeled accordingly I thought I would introduce myself a little bit further by dispelling a few myths about me. 

  • I don’t hate Black people.  I’ve never discriminated against anyone and personally I think doing so based solely on someone’s skin color is strictly for the dim witted.  However, I also think that labeling me a racist just because I disagree with a President who happens to be Black is itself racism.
  • I don’t hate Hispanics.  In fact I speak Spanish (albeit not as well as I used to) and I’ve been to many Hispanic countries where I love their culture.  I believe they are some of the hardest working and devoutly religious people you’ll ever meet.  So the idea that I want to control the border has nothing to do with discrimination.  It has everything to do with practicality.
  • I don’t hate women.  I want true equality for both genders.  I’m not fearful of strong intelligent women.  In fact, I married one.  So stop telling me that just because I disagree with someone’s opinion on a women’s issue that I’m waging a war against them.  Liberals really do sound moronic when they say such stupid things.
  • I don’t hate gay people.  I believe that what happens behind the closed doors of the bedroom should remain between consenting adults and their creator regardless of their orientation.  I have my own religious beliefs and part of those beliefs is to leave the moral judging to God.  Since I see marriage as a religious act I’ll leave that question up to God as well.  However, when it comes to the subject of sex in general I also believe that if someone insist on involving MY wallet in THEIR sex life then I should have a say.  (Can you say Sandra Fluke?)
  • I don’t hate the environment.  Since I have to drink the same water, breathe the same air, eat the same foods, etc. as everyone else I have no more incentive to see it abused or destroyed than the next person.  However, you better start producing real actual science before I’m going to allow you to change my lifestyle on the theories of those who possess agendas that have nothing to do with the environment.
  • Although I’m probably doing better than average I’m not rich, nor do I hate poor people.  I’ve worked hard my whole life so I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve accumulated over the years.  I donate both my time and my treasure for those causes that I see fit.  Therefore, if you want to tell me I’m not paying my fair share you better be ready to define such terms because I’m not going to give up what I rightfully have just because you want it.
  • I don’t hate the government, nor am I an anarchist.  As is the case with most Tea Party members we strongly believe in the necessity of government.  However, we also strongly believe in the necessity of putting Constitutional constraints on government so that it’s primary purpose remains in serving the people, not the politicians.
  • To put it bluntly I don’t hate people that are different than me.  However, even though I have an obligation to tolerate others I DO NOT have the obligation to accept them.  To put this in simple terms, if a Satanist were to move in next door to me I may not have a right to harass them, but don’t expect us to be barbequing together either. 

And finally: 

  • I don’t actually hate Liberals.  I’m just frustrated with what are supposed to be intelligent adults who can so easily be swayed by an ideology that simply sounds good, but holds no logic.  Its embarrassing having to deal with people that can tell you what we should be doing while at the same time can’t even begin to tell you how.  To put it in adult terms if you can’t explain it or defend it you probably shouldn’t be preaching it. 

Love me or leave me, but this is who I am so you might as well get used to it because no matter how you try to label me I have no intentions of changing.

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