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Rules for the Refugee

Posted by on September 18, 2015
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Years ago I had a relative that wanted to come and live with me for a while in order to get their life back on track.  Believing that family holds the first line of responsibility when it comes to providing assistance to those in need, I agreed.  However, the caveat that was part of the deal was that I established a set of rules that this particular relative had to adhere to or else no deal.  After all, the safety and security of my immediate family always comes first.  Upon reading the list I had written up my relative became outraged with the feeling that I was attempting to control their life.  My response was simple, “mi casa, mis reglas” which for those that don’t speak Spanish translates to “My house, my rules”. 

As a society we have a moral obligation to help those that are in genuine need of assistance.  However, we don’t have any obligation to surrender our sovereignty to those wishing to take advantage of our good graces.  In my relatives case they were free to live their life however they wished, just not under my roof.  The same things hold true with the refugee issue now being faced throughout Europe that is also threatening to converge at our own doorstep. 

Obama wants to bring some of those refugees here to the U.S. to prove that we are doing our part in this crisis, but what he isn’t doing, and Europe is regretting not doing, is establishing a list of ground rules beforehand.  Although I’m not voicing an opinion as to whether we should or shouldn’t allow any of them on our doorstep what I am doing is advocating a set of rules that should be enforced if we do.  By the way, these rules should be adopted by all countries and for any refugees regardless of point of origin, so don’t think I’m being prejudiced in my way of thinking.  These common sense rules are as follows: 

  • All refugees should be kept in a confined community.  It’s not meant to be a prison, but it is meant to keep all refugees in a controlled and centrally located environment.  We are responsible for sanctuary, not free reign. 
  • The soil of the refugee camp will be temporarily considered the soil of the country of origin and thus any child born into a refugee camp will be considered a citizen of their parent’s point of origin and NOT a birthright citizen of the host nation. 
  • Refugees are NOT citizens.  While every attempt should be made to provide for basic human needs, refugees have no rights beyond basic human rights.  In other words, we might feed and cloth you, but just because you’re here doesn’t guarantee you free phones, cable TV, welfare, education, or anything else beyond basic subsistence that we as host so choose to provide.
  • Everyone will be fingerprinted and background checked immediately upon entry.  PERIOD!
  • Anyone caught committing a crime, attempting to escape camp, or causing any sort of trouble (rioting, etc) will be immediately deported directly back to their point of origin regardless of potential safety concerns and will forever be banned from re-entry.  Here’s a hint, DON’T CAUSE TROUBLE OR ELSE!
  • As a refugee it is NOT our responsibility to accommodate your culture while you are here.  It IS however your responsibility to assimilate to your new surroundings.  In other words the term Sharia Law is just useless words here, but you better expect to understand our laws because you WILL be held accountable to them.
  • Refugee status is a TEMPORARY condition.  That means that at the first convenient/safe opportunity you will be returned home. 

Just because a country is willing to assist people from other countries out of harms way shouldn’t mean that they should subject their own citizens to harm while doing so.  The idea of allowing “guest” to roam free to riot and cause chaos in a host country isn’t based on compassion.  It’s based on the stupidity of not establishing and adhering to reasonable ground rules before becoming a host in the first place. 

 Just like my first responsibility is to my immediate family, all nations are responsible first and foremost to the safety and security of their own citizens.  When refugees become rioters it’s because you’ve naively accepted the basic human garbage of other nations.  That’s not to say that all refugees fit into that category and for those that do follow the rules they should expect to be treated with compassion and respect.  However, for what we’re currently seeing happening in Europe and elsewhere it’s time for some of the host countries involved to take care of their own citizens first by throwing out the trash. 

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