The Importance of the Vote

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As a Tea Party member who happens to live in Speaker John Boehner’s district I’m often asked the question about whether I plan to vote for the Speaker in the upcoming election or do I plan to simply sit that particular vote out.  After all, my rather staunch logically conservative nature has a tendency to get frustrated so often by conflicting with many of Boehner’s more centrist “establishment” positions on certain issues.  This same question came up in the last presidential election regarding Mitt Romney, the results of which perfectly explain why I not only still plan to vote, but to do so FOR Boehner.

 Contrary to what Democrats would like for us to believe Obama did not win re-election because of some overwhelming love that the people felt for his first term policies.  In fact, he actually lost about 3.5 million votes between his 2008 and 20012 totals.  So why did he still win?  The reason was because of all the votes of those who didn’t actually vote.  So am I suddenly becoming the type of conspiratorial theorist that I deride in my commentaries by accusing Democrats of massive voter fraud?  No!  Besides, that’s a topic for another day.  What I am saying is that Obama didn’t win, but instead Romney lost because of all the negative votes cast by virtue of voter apathy.  Are you confused yet?

 What most of us are taught is that ours is a one voter, one vote system.  This isn’t actually true.  As my own parents taught me as I approached the very important voter eligible age is that what we really have is more of a two vote binary system where each voter has both a positive vote and a negative vote.  If you understand the laws of finite numbers you probably already understand this concept.  However, for those that are unfamiliar with such a concept please allow me to explain further. 

 Suppose there are two candidates and 100 potential voters.  If half were planning on voting for each candidate each would receive 50 votes thus creating a tie.  However, if one of those voters changed their mind and instead voted for the other guy the difference isn’t one, it’s two, with one candidate now winning by a 51-49 margin.  That’s because the new favorite candidate got a +1 (or a positive vote) and the old favorite received a -1 (or a negative vote).  Now suppose that the person who changed their mind simply decided instead to not vote at all.  Well, it still counts as a -1 vote for the old favorite which still breaks the tie thus causing the old favorite to lose by a 50-49 margin.  As you can see “not voting” is still an effective form of vote which is why in reality there is no such thing as not voting.  If you apply this principle to the 2012 election it’s easy to see based on the numbers that Obama didn’t win since his total actually declined, but rather Romney lost due to all the negative votes of those that mistakenly decided it would be better to sit out an election rather than voting for someone they didn’t agree with often enough.

 As an intelligent adult I’m smart enough to understand that I’m never going to find the perfect candidate that I agree with on every issue.  What I also understand is that voting is often times just as much about voting AGAINST someone as it is voting FOR someone.  Therefore, we must accept the idea of either voting for the candidate that most closely resembles our own positions, or at least voting against the person who least agrees with us.  This often translates into placing a vote where we must do so while holding our nose as I did in 2008 with John McCain.  I wasn’t as much a fan of McCain’s positions as I was against Obama’s socialistic agenda.

 My parents raised me with the understanding that voting is both a serious responsibility, but also a sacred duty based on the sacrifices of those who gave their fullest measure so that I might have such an opportunity in the first place.  They never pressured me on how to vote, but just how important it is that I should vote.  Since I’ve already let the cat out of the bag about who I plan to vote for the question many might be asking is whether my vote is actually based on being FOR Boehner or AGAINST any possibility of Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House ever again?  In truth it doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that I plan on not disappointing either my parents or those that sacrificed so much regardless of why I end up voting the way I do.  I would suggest you do the same.

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The ServePro President and the Doppelganger Democrats

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During the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns Obama and the Democrats were given a lot of credit for using technology as a platform to reach out to younger voters and rightly so.  Democratic strategist saw the potential weaponry of technology and social media and jumped out ahead of the curve in utilizing them as such.  Good for them.  However, as good of a sword as technology was at helping them defeat Republicans and win elections (at least until the slow motion Republicans finally get caught up) what Democrats forgot is that swords tend to have two edges.  Obama was quick to use one edge to aid him in his own elections, but now he, along with his Democratic minions, are getting sliced to pieces by the other edge of that sword.

 What Obama and his media cohorts forgot is that this same technology has muted their own influence in creating media messages.  Social media can report on things at an instant thus far outpacing the time slot based traditional media to the punch of reporting on events.  This means that not only does The New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC not get to create a White House directed narrative anymore since they are now relegated to responding to instead of reporting on events, but they aren’t even most peoples main source of news at all anymore.  If you don’t believe me, just take a look at their latest ratings.  Democrats forgot that even though they can use social media, it’s not so easy to control it.

 However, there’s an even bigger issue that Obama still can’t seem to fathom that is shredding him and his image to bits.  The mainstream media has historically protected Obama by being able to control his image.  What Obama can’t seem to understand is that they can no longer perform that role and he is proving to be his own worst enemy every time he speaks.  Obama still wants to consider himself to be the ServePro President.  Basically, he says things to his base and then says something completely different out in public “like it never even happened”.  He, along with his fellow Democrats, still haven’t figured out that as national figures ANYTIME you say something there is ALWAYS someone there to both recording it verbatim as well as fact check it instantly against reality.

 For Obama to say things in a speech that are blatantly false makes him look either completely inept or completely out of touch with reality.  For him to say that Obamacare isn’t designed as an evolving healthcare system destined to morph into a single payer system when he has already been recorded at a union meeting saying exactly that is an easily provable lie.  For him to say that he’s not attacking the coal industry after he’s already been recorded on a radio show stating that he would bankrupt the industry is beyond simple deceit.  For him to say that it wasn’t his idea to pull out of Iraq after he’s already been recorded saying all along that it was his exact intent (and even taking a victory lap on the idea) is downright delusional.  Democrats have yet to figure out that recordings don’t lie, but politicians do.

 The toughest job in the world has to belong to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.  He’s tasked with the monumentally insane job of attempting to convince the masses that all those recordings of Democrats saying all those absolutely stupid things that they must later deny aren’t actually real.  Instead, they are the recorded product of some evil group of democratic doppelgangers most likely brought forth by virtue of a Koch Brothers séance.  Sadly, to the non-thinking Left it’s actually easier to accept some bizarre voodoo plot than it is to admit to their own stupidity for believing such hype in the first place.

 The democratic political strategy has always been based on denial.  Simply put, they’ll say whatever they want to excite their own base, but if you can’t prove they said it then you either misquoted them, or they take the ServePro route and act like it never even happened.  The problem is that the very technology that they so eagerly embraced to win elections is now becoming their own worst enemy.  It’s hard to paint the opposition as the demons now that all the opposition has to do is play back your own words to expose the truth.  Democrats were right in figuring out that technology has the potential to change the political landscape.   Now if only they could only convince the public that doppelgangers actually exist.

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The Truth of Ferguson

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Contrary to what both the media and the race baiting glory hounds that jump in front of any microphone they can find to stoke the fires of racial tension would like for us to believe what’s been going on in Ferguson, MO has nothing to do with racism (at least not in the conventional sense).  In fact, just like what we saw with Trayvon Martin, what actually happened between Michael Brown and the officer involved turns out to be the least relevant part of this whole story in as far as the media is concerned.  Before I tell you what’s really going on let’s go over a few simple facts: 

  • Just like with Trayvon Martin we now know for certain that Michael Brown wasn’t anything like the “gentle giant” being portrayed by the media.  After all, it’s hard to be confused with a cherub when you’re caught on video 10 minutes prior to being shot doing a strong armed robbery.
  • We know that this isn’t about justice for anyone.  After all, how can you claim you’re seeking justice when you are rioting not just before you have ALL the facts, but before you have ANY of the facts?  When your key witness also happens to be the suspect’s accomplice and it’s his testimony against an officer with 6 years on the force and a spotless record who should you logically believe?  Besides, how do you explain the cuts and bruises on the officer or the fact that the gun was fired from inside the patrol car if there wasn’t a struggle?
  • This case isn’t about fighting to protect our inner city youths from random acts of violence.  If that were true the riots wouldn’t be in Ferguson.  Instead they’d be in Chicago where there were 1,115 shootings (mostly black on black) in just the first 6 months of 2014.
  • This case isn’t about the violence associated with simply being poor and downtrodden.  After all, I grew up in Appalachia where basically everyone is poor and we didn’t riot in the streets on a whim to protest our plight.  We were smart enough to understand the basic logic that if you burn down the local grocery store that simply means you have to travel a lot further the next time you need groceries.

So what is this story that has sucked all the oxygen out of all other stories in the media about?  Simple!  It’s liberalism on parade in its true form.  In the book I wrote 3 years ago I described how liberalism actually works.  First you create as many diverse groups as you can conceive of (this is why we now live in a hyphenated society).  Next, you convince each of these groups that they are somehow being victimized by some mystically evil faceless force (like the boogey man in their closet, or Dick Cheney).  Finally, you convince them that if they were to pledge to you their blind faith and allegiance you and you alone as their leader can deliver them to nirvana.  So, what about if you fail?  Well, that’s just “the man” (i.e. the Koch brothers) keeping you down. 

It’s easy to see how this all gets put into practice.  Look at just a few of the diverse groups that are currently wearing the “victim” moniker:  Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, Muslims, left handed red heads with pigeon toes.  The list goes on and on, but the narrative is always the same.  You’ve been victimized therefore your life isn’t your fault.  The fact that Michael Brown had just committed a felony should be ignored in all of this simply because in some form or manner his actions were the justifiable traits of a victim, not a perpetrator. 

At this point, and we’ve already heard it, the liberal counter has been that $50 worth of cigars weren’t worth a man’s life.  However, even if this case were actually about what happened it isn’t about cigars.  It’s about the facts of what actually transpired between Brown and the officer.  Since there isn’t any collaborating audio or video then it all boils down to the credibility behind each version of accounts and how the evidence supports each version.  It should never boil down to how an overzealous media portrays things.  It should never be about accusations based on political strategy over truth. 

There are a lot of questions that still lack answers.  However, there are many questions that are easy to answer.  Should Brown have been shot if he were actually surrendering with his hands in the air?  No!  Should he have been shot if he were attacking the officer inside his patrol car as evidence currently suggests?  Yes!  Should the media stop reporting sensationalized and emotional hype and start reporting actual facts?  Yes!  Should the race baiters stop inciting mobs over racism until there is actual proof of racism?  Yes!  Should Obama spend more time worrying about things like a marine trapped in Mexico and leave this issue to local authorities?  Yes! 

In my book I suggested that the best way to defeat the victimhood mentality of liberalism is to rid ourselves of the hyphen.  We should stop portraying ourselves in the hyphenated format that divides us as a people (i.e. African-American, Asian-American, Native-American, etc.) and instead go with the simple moniker that unites us (American).  Then and only then can we find true equality.  Then and only then can we take control of our own lives and finally shed ourselves from the idea that we are all just victims of those lives.  Then and only then will we be able to focus on the facts instead of the politics behind such tragedies.

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Questioning Our Own Paranoia

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Several years ago I was having a discussion with a self-proclaimed “health food nut”.  She was going on and on about how we are all destroying our bodies with chemicals and that she would never dream of touching anything that wasn’t purely organic.  So I ask her if she thought the government should go through with a ban on foods containing Alpha Tocopheryl Acetates.  Absolutely, she was all for such a ban.  That was until I told her that ATA is better known by its more common name Vitamin E. 

Most people tend to freak out about scary sounding things simply because they sound scary.  This same concept holds true when it comes to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) related foods.  If all you ever want to do is buy into whatever the scary sounding hype of the day is then you’ll typically miss out on most of the real story.  For example, most people I know that fear GMO’s will quickly paint a mental picture whereby eating a modified ear of corn will automatically produce roughly the same type of affects as what Jeff Goldblum endured in the move “The Fly”.  However, what most people don’t realize is that they’ve been consuming GMO related products practically since birth.  After all, the simple cross pollination of plants is considered a form of GMO and that’s been going on for centuries. 

Many of the forms of foods we eat today weren’t even around a few centuries ago in their current state.  We’ve just never known the non-GMO versions.  For example, how do you think we’ve come up with so many different varieties of apples?  Take tequila as another example.  If you’ve ever had a shot of tequila you’ve most likely had the by-product of a genetically modified plant.  Most modern tequila comes from a plant that was modified to produce what is considered to be the perfect blue agave plant from which tequila is derived.  That perfect plant was then cloned such that now a farm with 10’s of thousands of the exact same cloned plant produces the bulk of the world’s supply of tequila.  Each plant is exactly the same as those around it and produces exactly 11 bottles of tequila. 

When most people think about GMO’s they think about all the potential chemicals that might be associated with the process of altering a plants DNA, but what they never seem to question is what chemicals are no longer involved.  For instance, GMO plants can often be generated that are bug resistant, hence no more need for pesticides.  Also, these types of plants can also be made to naturally fend off things like plant disease, poor soil, etc. so once again extra chemicals can be avoided during the growing process. 

However, the most important aspects of GMO’s aren’t just related to how they can grow, but what their growth means.  For example GMO fields can offer much greater yields to protect our food supply.  They can grow in environments that normal plants can’t grow in such as warmer or colder weather, poor soil quality, minimal moisture, etc.  This means that food sources can be kept closer to the food consumers for less spoilage.  Even more important still is that those foods that are grown can be of an enhanced variety so that each bite consumed presents greater nutritional value to the consumer which is important in famine prone areas to prevent malnutrition. 

The purpose behind why I’m writing this commentary isn’t to convince anyone to suddenly go out and fall in love with everything related to GMO.  In fact, it’s not really even about GMO’s at all.  The reason I wrote this is to prove a point that if we all stop instantly buying into whatever the popular hype of the day is and simply start asking questions about everything around us we’ll quickly find out that the hype we’re hearing is more often than not just an exploitation of our mental laziness.  What we should be doing anytime someone is trying to lead us down a specific path either through a hype of fear (i.e. global warming) or a utopian hype (i.e. Obamacare) is to automatically begin asking questions and looking for facts, and ALL the facts at that, before we start formulating any conclusions.  After all, when a wolf invites sheep to dinner it’s the foolish ones that fail to ask if they are going as the guests or as the meal.

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The Truth About the Border Crisis

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It’s time to have a straight talk about what’s really going on with the current immigration crisis.  We’ve all seen the images of rooms stuffed full of “kids” in that 6-12 year old age range that somehow miraculously managed to travel across half a continent all by themselves only to hearken at our doorstep seeking asylum.  These are the “official” images that are meant to slip out of these facilities.  However, there’s always an alternate reality involved when unofficial images are banned from also slipping out.  A bit of fact checking reveals what’s truly going on. 

According to Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst only between 12-20% of those currently being detained fall into the category of “unaccompanied minor” status that we’re being led to believe make up the overwhelming bulk of those currently showing up at our border.  Furthermore, according to PEW Research of those “minors” 90% are actually teenagers.  That translates into the reality of the images we are being spoon fed by the media only representing somewhere between 1 and 2% of the true crisis.  It’s no wonder they don’t want any real images coming out of those camps.  To make matters worse roughly 25% of those that are currently being detained in those camps have criminal records in their country of origin.  It’s also no wonder nobody wants to see those white windowless DHS buses pulling up in their community. 

In typical Democratic fashion Obama’s political allies have put forth a bill to supposedly solve the crisis.  Their “resolution” involves an additional $4.3 Billion in funds to handle the situation.  However, for those that have actually bothered to read the bill the first thing that pops out is that only $25 Million (less than 1%) of the proposed funding is even slated to be spent this year.  The rest is nothing more than a glorified back ended slush fund for liberal causes that has nothing to do with fixing anything (reminiscent of the $ Trillion stimulus package that did little more than stimulate liberal politicians). 

Unlike many of the other scandals of this Administration (i.e. IRS, VA, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, etc) this one in particular can easily be traced directly back to Obama and his own actions.  What’s currently going on at our border didn’t happen by chance, but rather by invitation.  It was completely orchestrated by this administration as an effort to push an amnesty bill to the forefront as per his earlier promise.  Obama figured that by creating a humanitarian crisis Congress would have no choice but to cave on immigration reform.  What Obama didn’t count on in his political calculation was either the public backlash he’s now receiving or the horrific optics of having dead kids floating in the Rio Grande.  Yes, having abandoned kids showing up at our doorstep is a humanitarian crisis, but it’s also a man made crisis of pure political convenience.  There is no debating that Obama has blood on his hands this time. 

The liberal talking point on the subject of immigration has always been that we’ve all come here either directly or by the proxy of our ancestors via immigration.  Therefore, to deny others such an opportunity is hypocritical.  However, just because I need a drink of water doesn’t mean that I’m now required to leave the faucet running forever, lest it create a mess.  The same holds true as a nation.  Just because there was a time when we needed and could handle as many immigrants as we could get our hands on that doesn’t mean the immigration tap needs to be perpetually left turned in the wide open position.  Our existing immigration laws still welcome immigrants here with open arms, just in a practical manner that doesn’t leave a big mess. 

Our role as a nation isn’t to solve all the world’s problems.  That would be both logically and mathematically impossible.  Instead it’s to be as President Reagan put it “a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom loving people everywhere.”  In other words we aren’t supposed to fix the problems of others.  We’re supposed to be the example used by others to fix things for themselves.  To repurpose a famous quote, our role as a nation isn’t to provide a fish for others.  It’s to teach them how to fish for themselves.  Obama’s current political strategy isn’t meant to teach anyone how to fish.  It’s only meant to use innocent children as bait.

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The Choice of Dependence or Independence

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Before 1971 having health insurance was a rarity.  Even rarer still was having an employer sponsored plan.  Up until that time the few that did have coverage typically had their own self-funded individual policies.  All that changed in 1971 when President Nixon did something really foolish and signed an executive order creating wage and price controls as he tried to tame the inflation that was created as we dropped off the gold standard.  The poorly thought out plan of direct centralized control over the economy ultimately created chaos.  Yep, improper and ill-advised executive orders tend to suck even when they are issued by republican Presidents. 

One of the unintended consequences of Nixon’s edict was that businesses now had to figure out a new method of recruiting and retaining talent since they no longer had the ability to offer them additional cash incentives.  The end result was that non-cash compensations such as stock options and company based healthcare coverage were implemented.  At first only high level talent received these newly discovered perks.  However, it didn’t take long for unions to see the potential of such benefits and the pool of recipients quickly began to grow until today employer sponsored coverage is more the norm than the exception for most full time employment. 

Initially most policies were meant to focus primarily on catastrophic events.  However, it didn’t take long for a whiney public to start demanding more and more out of their coverage.  Policies originally designed to cover surgeries and hospital stays were now covering more trivial items such as aspirin and band aids.  Eventually things that were normally considered “optional” such as hair transplants and breast implants were getting redefined as necessities.  The cost of premiums for having such coverage rose accordingly until it created the inevitable breach in cost practicality.  To counter the loss of coverage created by this breach healthcare was suddenly redefined as a “right” instead of the perk it was meant to be. 

The recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case has finally placed focus on just how warped our healthcare system has become.  Healthcare is no longer about maintaining health.  It’s about placating whiners and pushing political agendas.  Once the ruling came down on the Hobby Lobby case there was an immediate outcry from Liberals that somehow women’s rights were being violated.  However, there are a couple of things that they conveniently left out of the conversation.  For instance, out of 16 different potential types of birth control the ruling only affected the 4 that Hobby Lobby felt were more closely related to abortion than actual birth control (i.e. the morning after pill). 

The second thing that was conveniently ignored by the Left is that the mandate for “free” birth control has only existed since August 1, 2012.  Prior to that coverage had always been considered optional.  So basically the whining, waling and gnashing of teeth response we’ve witnessed since the SCOTUS ruling has been blown way out of proportion.  Finally, nobody has been denied access to anything.  The only thing this ruling has done is state that if someone were to choose one of the four methods not covered they can still get it, just not for free. 

My wife and I have two progeny, one boy and one girl.  When each became a legal adult at 18 we gave them a choice.  At that point they could either declare their independence or their dependence.  If they declared their independence they would be able to enjoy all the freedoms adulthood had to offer, but would also have to bear the burdens that such freedom brings.  Conversely, if they chose the opposing path they could continue to share in our good graces, but only as long as they continued to live under our rules.  They couldn’t choose both.  

The problem with liberalism is that it has ruined an entire generation by convincing the mindless that they can enjoy the best of both worlds and that dependence and independence can somehow magically co-exist.  People have been falsely led to believe that they can enjoy freedom of choice without suffering the burdens and consequences of that choice.  Personally, I find it a bit ridiculous that the outcry over the Hobby Lobby ruling is “it’s our bodies, it’s our choice” when the outcry would be just as valid coming from employers if they were to say “yes, but it’s our money”.  Just like with the option we gave to our kids it’s time now for our nation to grow up and decide.  Do we prefer to live under the burdens of freedom, or the rules of dependence?  

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Last Man Standing

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It would be far easier to explain the logic behind common core math than it would be to explain what on God’s green Earth the logic is behind Obama’s foreign policies related to the Middle East.  Whether you agreed with Bush’s policies or not, at least they were somewhat coherent.  To say that Obama’s policies are a bit befuddled doesn’t even begin to cover the chaos and confusion he’s created.  It doesn’t help that his past tags for Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, would be lucky to even find the Middle East on a map let alone have a clue about how to solve issues there. 

So let’s take a look at just how incoherent Obama’s policies have been so far.  Keep in mind that this all comes from the same bipolar nitwit that claimed Bush didn’t have authority to go to Iraq even though he had Congressional approval and 16 U.N. resolutions, yet he himself went into Libya without even bothering to ask anyone’s permission.  In the Middle East Obama doesn’t like Russian backed Syrian Strong man Bashir Assad, nor does he like Iran or Al Qaeda.  So when rebels stood up against Assad he put his backing behind those rebels which are made up primarily from the group ISIS, which by the way also happens to be made up of Sunni Muslims from the group Al Qaeda (you remember them, the same group that attacked us on 9/11). 

So Obama is now supporting the very same people who attacked us, right?  Well, yes and no.  You see he fully supports them right up until they cross over the border from Syria into Iraq where they are now fighting the Iraqi government that we put in place and which happens to be made up mainly of Shi’ites who are being backed by our other enemy Iran.  So currently we are supporting ISIS on the Syrian side of the border while at the same time we are poised to fight against them on the Iraqi side of the border.  In order to do that we would now be forced to team up with the very Iranians that we are currently battling everywhere else.  If this all makes since so far you need to have your head examined.  Since Obama can’t decide who is friend and who is foe he has managed to single handedly add an entirely new word to the English language, “Frenemies”.  It’s no wonder it’s far easier for everyone over there to simply go ahead and hate us regardless of which side we claim to support simply so as not to be confused by our policies. 

The easiest brain dead response you’ll get from the Left defending Obama’s policies is that this is all Bush’s fault, except it isn’t and here’s why.  Obama and Kerry already took a victory lap on Iraq declaring that they were the ones who brought peace and stability to the region.  That means that any new conflicts that are now arising have been borne out of the peace and stability that Obama and Kerry declared.  Thus this is now totally on them because, after all, taking credit has consequences.  It’s also important to remember that it was Obama who backed Maliki as the new Iraqi President and it was Maliki who decided to abandon the Sunni part of his army by not bothering to pay them. This is the exact same part of the army that just melted away when their brethren Sunni’s from ISIS showed up in places like Mosul.  That’s why it’s actually easy to understand why ISIS was able to make so much headway so quickly in Iraq up until they reached the Shi’ite controlled areas near Baghdad

Iraq is by no means Obama’s only Middle East blunder.  Remember, we just sent 5 high ranking Taliban terrorist back to the battlefront in Afghanistan in exchange for one lone traitor.  This means we’ve embolden our enemies to seek out further hostages for trade.  In addition the death of four brave men from the embassy in Benghazi represents bloodstains on Obama’s hands no matter how hard the press tries to ignore it.  Also, don’t forget the Iranians are now but a mere whisker’s width away from having their own nukes and Israel is currently feeling like an abandoned child amid all the chaos surrounding them. 

The reality is that the Sunni’s and Shi’ites have been waging a religious war against each other for more than a millennium with no end in sight.  All we can really do for now is thank God that Bush did manage to get most of the WMDs out of the area before it all blew up.  At this point there are only two reasons why we should even care about the Middle East (Israel and oil).  Therefore, our foreign policy should be simple.  We should setup a security zone around Israel to protect it and start pumping our own oil for which we have more than enough of ASAP.  In the mean time we should let these morons go ahead and destroy each other.  We shouldn’t waste anymore American blood or treasure by showing up there again until all we have to deal with is whoever happens to be the last man standing.

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What the Brat Victor Really Means

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If you listen to the talking heads on the Left they are claiming that Tea Party member David Brat’s surprise win yesterday over incumbent Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a sure sign that Republican’s are moving to the extreme right.  Never mind that they can’t point out a single part of Brat’s platform that would qualify as “extreme”.  Conversely, if you listen to the talking heads from the Right they are claiming that Brat’s victory is a sure sign that all hope is lost in Republicans ever gaining majorities on anything ever again simply because in their mind being a true conservative is an unwinnable position in a general election.  Apparently establishment republicans have REALLY short memories about recent presidential elections.  Personally, I think both sides are completely misreading what just happened. 

Several months ago I attended a candidate’s forum where I got to ask each of the candidates what they felt was most important for a politician to focus on; party, politics, or policy?  What happened last night was that the voters of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District gave their own response to that question and got it right.  David Brat was hardly the party pick.  After all, he was competing against one of the establishment republican’s favorite sons when he went head to head against Eric Cantor, so party obviously wasn’t important to the voters.  Brat also didn’t waste time preaching the establishment’s populist mantra of “let’s all just go along to get along”, so politics also wasn’t that important either.  The one thing Brat did do in his campaign and on his website was state emphatically what things he believed in and why.  In other words, Brat bet it all on policy and in doing so pulled off one of the biggest political upsets in history. 

Being a democratic politician is easy.  It’s all about providing a populist mantra that everyone wants to hear.  Democratic politicians are like the bad parent who is perfectly fine with telling kids that eating candy for dinner is OK just as long it means they remain the ‘favorite parent” on election day.  As for establishment republican’s they are no better at playing the adult in the room, instead preferring to bury their head in the evening paper rather than risk the wrath of an unruly child by speaking up about what is actually good for them fearing that doing so might cost them votes.  However, at some point when the child is sick from too much of the sweet stuff and spewing the consequences of such over-indulgence from every orifice the best most mainstream politicians can offer is more political promises to get the bad taste out of their mouth.  Heck, at some point even Hansel and Gretel became smart enough to figure out that the witch’s candy was nothing more than a cheap trick meant solely to get them to cooperate. 

What the headline from last night’s victory should be reading is that the voters in Virginia simply got tired of being sick from being fed too much political candy.  If the politicians from neither mainstream party were going to look after their well being the voters would find someone else willing to play the adult role model they desperately needed.  That adult came in the form of an economics professor who also happened to be from the Tea Party.  I’m certain that between now and November Democrats have every intention of attacking Brat over his policies the same way a spoiled child throws a tantrum to a parent that won’t give in.  However, what the voters of Virginia have already declared after suffering for so long is that they’ve decided to go on a diet and live a politically healthy lifestyle for a change.        

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The Ignorance of Proportional Response

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POTUS_West PointObama said something in his recent speech at West Point that caught my attention.  Specifically, he said that the U.S. should be focusing more on the practice of “proportional responses” to crisis (i.e. terrorist threats and embassy attacks).  I hope as Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military on earth that he merely misspoke when he made this statement and what he really meant to say is that we need to practice more “measured responses”.  I would think that his speech writers would be smart enough to realize that there is a profound difference between the two terms. 

To illustrate the difference between a proportional response and a measured response think of the following scenario:  In a proportional response an intruder is attempting to break into your house and is armed with a .22 caliber pistol that holds 15 rounds.  Therefore, in response you get your own .22 with a 15 round clip to confront him.  You fire no more rounds or generate no more wounds to him than he does to you.  Conversely, in a measured response you simply keep count of the number of entry wounds you feel you need to place in the intruder prior to any cease fire.  My personal preference is that the number of holes should be directly related to the number of rounds in my clip. 

The tit-for-tat diplomacy of proportional response is a dangerous concept.  It makes potential victims out of even the strongest of nations.  That’s because it allows your enemies the opportunity to enjoy equal footing regardless of any real strength differentials.  It’s like that idiotic scene in movies where the good guy drops his weapon to go toe-to-toe in a slugfest with the bad guy just to prove a point.  In real life the good guy doesn’t always come out on top like they do in movies, so why take any such unnecessary chances?  The same holds true with our national security.  Why take unnecessary chances by giving the bad guys an even break? 

Sadly, there are numerous countries and groups of ne’er-do-wells that would love nothing more than to trade punches with “the great satan” just as long as they get to call the shots on how often and how hard those punches get thrown.  That’s because it becomes a great recruiting tool and PR blitz to show how brave they are to stand up to the giant beast while at the same time they are still painting that beast as the bully to the U.N. mob and world press.  The ugly truth is that to most countries we’ll get painted as the bully regardless of our response anyway.  So why not just accept that fact at the outset and go ahead and create martyrs out of morons? 

Most of us have heard the motto “Don’t get mad.  Get even”.  Personally, I’ve always thought that was a stupid idea.  I prefer the motto “Don’t get even.  Get ahead”.  We need to be smart enough to understand that if someone were to punch us, our response shouldn’t be to simply punch them back, but instead to pummel them senseless.  Let the potential for real pain be the deterrent to making bad choices.  This is what President Teddy Roosevelt meant when he said that we should “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”. 

The role of a weapon for self defense is simple.  The weapon itself is an inanimate object with no sense of proportionality.  Its greatest use is to stop the bad guys, period.  However, its greatest value is when the potential use of its destructive force deters its very need.  The same can be said of our military.  The greatest use of our military might is the total annihilation of our enemies.  However, the greatest value is when the potential for such a destructive outcome deters its very need.  Therefore, let our potential enemies be warned.  Pacifism is a noble concept, but can only be practiced in earnest by the victor.

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Confessions of a Hater

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As a part time political pundit I have a decent sized following.  Along with a loyal base of fans I also have a loyal base of critics who are always on the ready with their rebuttals from the opposing viewpoint.  Often times these rebuttals include suggestions for specific activities they feel I should be performing on myself.  Admittedly such activities would seem somewhat physically impossible at this stage of life.  Perhaps in my more limber youth…..but I digress. J Along with these suggestions typically are included descriptives they believe I’ve earned through my opinions which are generally reserved for such things as a person’s posterior region.   There are times when I find myself somewhat in agreement with their assessment depending on the topic du jour.  This is especially true after I’ve just been on a rant about the absolute stupidity behind such left wing luminaries as Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, or Harry Reid. 

However, there is one label in particular that I have to admit I not only agree with, but actually relish.  The label that I’m referring to is the one in which I’m called a “hater”.  Most people would cringe at the concept of being called a hater which is exactly why the Left likes to wield the term like a political sword against the opposition.  They like to play off the Right’s inane fear of not being liked or being called names in general.  I have no such fear.  I come from the belief that I’d much rather be right than liked.  After all, even in biblical times the followers of Christ were smart enough to accept scorn over populism. 

Most people would think it odd that I willingly accept the label of hater, but that’s because most people can’t seem to think for themselves.  One of the greatest deceptions of both the devil and liberals is that the sinner and the sin are inexorably intertwined.  Therefore, they would like for people to believe that to have disdain for one automatically infers a disdain for the other.  Conversely, you can only accept the sinner if you’re willing to also accept the sin.  This explains why Liberals went all bonkers over Phil Robinson declaring his personal belief that homosexuality is a sin.  Liberals automatically labeled him a hater while purposefully ignoring the rest of his statement about also believing that it is important to “love the sinner regardless of the sin”. 

When people hear the term “hater” the media has brainwashed the public into automatically assuming the worst in that it means a hater automatically hates people.  So to the Left if a person hates abortion it must automatically infer that they also hate the women who have abortions.  If a person thinks illegal immigration is wrong then to the Left it infers that you must hate all Hispanics.  If a person hates to see people fail to put forth their best effort to better their own lives then it can only mean that they must hate the poor in general.  In reality, such a concept represents a weak intellectual argument that should only work on the weak minded. 

The reason that I relish the moniker of hater isn’t because I hate people, but because I hate many of the stupid concepts and ideas such as the hater principle that provide false narratives.  For example; I hate the idea of someone telling me “the debate has been settled” without providing any real evidence to explain their case (i.e. global warming or Benghazi).  I hate hearing someone espousing stupidity (like Obamacare) without having even the slightest ability to explain their own position.  I hate being told to shut up and sit down when I ask questions of those attempting to use their agenda to control my life.  I hate watching anyone with authority refuse to take responsibility or be held accountable for their misdeeds.  I hate being lied to, but even worse I hate that people are so willing to accept the lies without question.  And I especially hate that we as a people are so willing to squander our inheritance of such a great nation and put our posterity in peril for the mere promise of table scraps from some socialist master’s hand.  I hate that people can’t see that as God created miracles we are meant to be better than mere slaves to some earth bound elitist pseudo deity. 

Yes, I’m a hater and I’m proud of it.  When judgment day arrives I figure I’ll have plenty to be held accountable for all on my own.  What I don’t need is the additional burden of trying to explain to my Maker why I chose to ignore the difference between right and wrong merely to avoid some label inscribed by people that generally speaking don’t even know me.  Therefore, rather than cowering from such a weapon of words I chose to take that weapon away by embracing their moniker through explanation rather than surrendering to it out of fear.  Yes, I am a hater because I hate those things that are illogical, agenda driven, and are destined to stifle the human race from realizing its fullest potential rather than propelling it forward.  So you see, in reality I can easily explain why I’m a hater.  The real question is why aren’t you?

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