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Tagged With: John Kasich

Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion May Be Kasich’s Waterloo

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Ohioans are bombarded with media hype promoting Governor Kasich’s endorsement of Medicaid Expansion in Ohio. The misinformation from the Governor’s office does a disservice to Ohio’s uninsured residents and heralds the decline of health care for every Buckeye.  Expanding Medicaid is the vehicle to cover Ohio’s uninsured as required under the Patient Protection and Affordable … Continue reading »

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Will Kasich and Legislature Become Victims of Success

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In 2010, 20 state legislatures and 17 Governor’s offices saw a swing in leadership back to the GOP.  Once the citizens realized the President, Democratic Congress and state legislatures were unwilling to cut spending and institute pro-growth business policy they handed control to the GOP.  With vigilant taxpayers holding them accountable, the new GOP states … Continue reading »

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