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America’s Future Will Require Civil “Resurrection”

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Are the People Being Represented?Americans might wonder how historians will recount these days in our Republic.  The “Age of Arrogance” may best describe both the era and the relationship between citizens and the political class.  French diplomat Joseph de Maistre is credited with the phrase, “Every country has the government it deserves,” which is a … Continue reading »

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The Coming Sequestration is a Profile in Cowardice

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In August of 2011, Congress fought a very public battle, engineered by the White House, leading to a budget deal that raised the debt ceiling while creating a bi-partisan Congressional debt reduction Supercommittee charged with finding 1.2 trillion in spending cuts by Thanksgiving 2011. The “Not-so-Supercommittee” failed to agree on any cuts, even though the … Continue reading »

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